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A Race to Space

A reality show of cosmic proportions...

Roxanne Trust

on 9 October 2012

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Transcript of A Race to Space

A reality show of cosmic proportions A Race to Space JetSet report -
in a survey of jet owners,
69.4% of respondents
were interested in taking
a spaceflight a
e The Private Space Business The Idea Primary Hurdle Solution $$ too much for one sponsor. Share $$ between multiple sponsors Instead of "Product Placement", think "Contestant Placement". Universal Interest in Space The Space Experience Zogby Survey in 2002 -
58% of respondents
were interested in an
orbital spaceflight April 2001 - Dennis Tito became the first private citizen to travel to space October 2004 - $10m prize awarded to SpaceShipOne after completing 2 flights to above 100km in less than 2 weeks Key Player Key Player
Virgin Galactic
Developing SpaceShipTwo for
suborbital spaceflight
Received over $300m investment from Aabar Investments Boeing
Received $92.3m,
plus $20.6m in
optional milestones for
developing the CST-100 Train in Star City, Moscow for 3-4 months Launch on Russian Soyuz rocket to the International Space Station View the Earth from over 200 miles above the surface Float in weightlessness for around 10 days Key Player Space Adventures
Arranged for 8 private
spaceflights to the ISS
Total of over $300m in
space experiences
delivered and booked to date Key Player The Future
is Coming.... The time is right for a space-based reality TV show. Viewers will have the opportunity to
be both entertained and intellectually
stimulated as the age of a more
space-prominent society takes flight Over the course of about
10 episodes, contestants will
go head-to-head each week in
the form of a league table.
They will compete to rank,
progressively gaining
more points.

Dragon spacecraft became the first
privately developed spacecraft to
dock with the ISS in May 2012
Majority of investment came from founder Elon Musk
Received $20m investment from Founder's Fund as well as investments from Draper Fisher Jurvetson and Valor Equity Partners Ten brands
pay to nominate
a contestant. The contestants
will compete against
each other
for a grand prize. The prize is an orbital spaceflight... One person wins... Harris Interactive Survey - 52% of respondents were
interested in spaceflight in
the next 10 years 18-45 males are significantly
more interested in spaceflight Multiple platforms Offline
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