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No description

Alivia Blakley

on 7 February 2014

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Transcript of Turbo!!

Turbo Blu
Turbo is very playful. He loves doing things he is not supposed to such as going outside and going on the counter and the table. He loves to fight and play with Paris.
Even though Turbo is very spoiled, we love him and would be very sad if he left. That is all about my kitten Turbo.
Fun Facts
Birthday: March 17, 2013
Color: Gray
Hobbies: Being crazy, cuddling, sleeping, and playing
Siblings: Moose, Paris, Nick, and Livi
Place of Birth: Aunty Lisa's house
Owner: Michele Blakley
Best Kitten
Turbo is the nicest kitten I have met. Sometimes he wants to play and hurts me but he doesn't know better. He was the runt of is family so he is super tiny and skinny. Paris, his sister, is very fat. She is grumpy too. She is already 1 year old.
Turbo like to play and sleep. He loves to follow my hand when I go up the stairs. Sometimes he almost makes me fall. He also loves to claw a the couches to stretch. I think he got that trait from Paris.
Turbo dislikes eating his own food. He would rather eat Paris'. He also dislikes human food. He isn't very picky and has more likes than dislikes.
Naughty Boy
Even though he is the best kitten, he can be very naughty. He loves to play with my hands and make messes. He also loves to go on the counter even though he isn't allowed to.
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