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Leica Geosystems Cyclone 8 Features

See the key new features of Cyclone Release 8.0 in six YouTube videos in this Prezi.

Leica Geosystems

on 14 December 2012

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Transcript of Leica Geosystems Cyclone 8 Features

New Features Enhanced Project Importer Auto Pipe Finder GeoTags Model Library Enhanced Project Importer Auto Pipe Finder GeoTags Move Commands Scripting Auto Publish HotLinks from Cyclone to TruView
Cyclone PUBLISHER generates HotLinks in TruView automatically
Batch publishing by importing database lists of GeoTag information Concept Overview
Manual Placement
Importing GeoTags
Publishing GeoTags
GeoTags as HotLinks in TruView Feature/Benefit Video Feature/Benefit Cyclone support for new P20 ScanStation
Improved performance for C10 and HDS6XXX/7000 ScanStation formats
Optimized for Multi-core processors and large RAM
Sub-sampling import
Faster import speeds
Faster normals calculation Video Feature/Benefit Video Model Library Move Commands Scripting Video Feature/Benefit Video Feature/Benefit Video Feature/Benefit Cyclone MODEL feature finds pipes in point clouds
Find pipes during import
Automatically fits cylinder pipe objects into point cloud pipe data
Time saving search algorithm Create custom Libraries from your grouped models
Productivity gain by re-use and sharing of 3D assets
Overall quality gain with consistent models
Provides method of enforcing model standards Improved, easier methods to precisely position models
Intuitive User Interface
Modernized, streamlined operations for positioning geometry
Quick Move
Move By Reference Create custom features with Python scripts
Add script commands to Cyclone menu
Share custom scripts
Optimize workflows
Innovate to your own advantage Cyclone 8.0 Cyclone 8.0 Cyclone 8.0 Cyclone 8.0 Cyclone 8.0 Cyclone 8.0 Press Spacebar to step through this Prezi. Right Mouse provides navigation controls.
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