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Louise Farrow

on 15 October 2012

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Transcript of PESSCL & PESSYP

What are the 9 'Work Strands'? Currently 402 of these. They receive extra funding to make specialist provision for sport. What does PESSCL Stand For? Introduced in 2003. Target to increase % of schoolchildren who spent a minimum of 2 hours a week on high-quality PE and school sport from 75% (2006) to 85% (2008)

Aimed at 5-16 yr olds! PESSCL Strategy Immediate Aims Provide 2 hours of PE within the curriculum. Provide an extra 2 hours outside of school. PESSCL Strategy PESSYP Strategy What does PESSCL Stand for? What are the aims? What are the 8 Strands? What is PESSCL? What is PESSYP? What are the 9 Work Strands? What does PESSYP stand for? (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr (cc) photo by theaucitron on Flickr copy paste branches if you need more.... P = Physical
E = Education
S = School
S = Sport &
C = Club
L = Links What are the 8 Strands? Clusters of schools around SSCs. There are 450 of these who employ SSCos 2. School Sport Partnerships 4. Step into Sport Provide training for teachers and other adults. Much of the training for local adults is free! 3. Professional Development 5. School/Club Links 6. Gifted and Talented 7. Swimming Involves working with all of the schools and partnerships throughout the country. 8. PE and Sport Investigation 1. SSC = Specialist Sports Colleges SSCo = School Sports Coordinator To encourage involvement in sports leadership and volunteering. *Want to increase % of young people aged between 14-19 involved from 9% to 18% between 2004-2008. *In first 2 years, 60,000 young people did their CSLA and JSLA awards. 15,000 sports festivals were run! Links between PE departments and local clubs. E.G. Harry and Ian going to trampolining club recommended by Miss Farrow. Caters specifically for the most talented sportspeople. E.G. Talent ID Aim was to raise the profile of swimming. 5.5 million was invested between 2006-2008 to get more pupils swimming in primary schools. Target = every primary school pupil would be able to swim 25m. Launched in 2008 as a move from the PESSCL Strategy. It contained new 'work strands' but had the same objective.

Main difference is that PESSYP is aimed at 5-19 yr olds. Can you remember what the PESSCL age was?

Five Hour Offer at the heart of this strategy. PESSYP Strategy P = Physical
E = Education
S = Sport
S = Strategy for
Y = Young
P = People What does PESSYP Stand for? Involves working with NGBs of sport to create high quality sports club opportunities.

Long Term Athlete Development model to develop future talent.

Which strand from PESSCL does this link to? 1. Club Links Funds being made available to School Sport Coaching.

Linked to a campaign to recruit more coaches. Target of 10,000 adult volunteers by 2011.

Which PESSCL strand does this link to? 2. Coaching Creation of the National School Sports Week.

This includes; festivals of sport, intra-school competition, inter-school competition and local activity. 3. Competition Establishment of 450 Multi-Sport Disability Clubs.

Aim is to offer a club experience to all young disabled people. 4. Disability Activities which are non-traditional.

E.G. Skateboarding, Cheerleading, Archery 5. Extending Activities Same as PESSCL 6. Gifted and Talented SSPs are at the centre of this strategy. They are to help deliver 2 hours of PE per week and also develop pathways between schools and clubs.

New position of FESCo (Mr Edwards) was developed to help with this.

FESCo = Further Education Sport Coordinator. 7. Infrastructure Extending the Step into Sport initiative with Step ON, Step IN, Step UP. Aim is to increase the quantity, quality and diversity of young people taking part.

Will run from 2008-2011. 8. Leadership & Volunteering Further increasing opportunities to take part.

Which PESSCL Strand does this link with? 9. Swimming Chapter 7

PESSCL & PESSYP Strategies Strand Step 1 - Draw table in book Write what the strand is about. Write the correct example in here. Some of you will be able to write 2 or more.

Most of you will be able to write 4 or more.

5 MINUTES! You now need to match the example with the strand and write in the box below the explanation of the strand.

Some of you may be able to think of your own examples

3 MINUTES GO! Step 2 - Look at the blue scenario's in the white envelope Task 2:

Step 1: Create table as before but using PESSYP and pick out strands.

Step 2: Take out pink example's and match with strands.

8 minutes GO! Read scenario and complete 8 mark exam style question using the criteria below.

You need to describe and explain 3 strands in detail.
There needs to be at least one strand from PESSCL and one from PESSYP.
If you just describe 3 you will get a max of 5 marks.
If you explain the strand and how it will help John you can get full marks.

One strand must be something that can help John now.
One strand must be something that can also help John in the future.

One minute per mark, you have 8 minutes to complete, GO! Task 3:
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