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The odd squad Micheal Fry by Daniel Sha

No description

Daniel Sharpe

on 3 March 2014

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Transcript of The odd squad Micheal Fry by Daniel Sha

Rising action
Mr.Dupree, the safety patrol leader, has told the two new kids in there to "bring the crazy." What they don't know is that he is secretly helping them as a girl named Emily, who is really Mr.Dupree . The squad really doesn't know that it is Mr.Dupree
Brief summary
In the odd squad,Nick is the shortest kid in his grade.He is always getting picked on,getting shoved in his locker and being bullied. Mr. Dupree has asked him and two other students to be in safety patrol a boy named Karl and a girl named Molly. People think just cause he is short that he won't do anything ,but they will be surprised what happens....
There is a boy named Roy who is the biggest bully in his school. Nick is the shortest kid in his school and he has a huge crush on a pretty girl named Becky. Becky doesn't even know that he exist, until he has to join the safety patrol.
Someone is helping them but they don't know who it is,so they do everything they can to find out who it is. The safety patrol brings the crazy like Mr. Dupree said to.
Falling action
Nick is taking his grandmas phone to text Becky but she doesn't know that it is really him. He is saying that his name is max. While the team is undercover to find Roy's weakness. They find out that Roy is being tutored with the same girl that nick (max) likes.

The odd squad Micheal Fry by Daniel Sharpe
Roy stops bullying and gets his grades up. Nick stop getting stuffed in his locker and ends up dating Becky. She finds out that he was really Max and she said that she had a crush on him since the first bay of school.
Yes i would recommend this book cause it teaches people not to judge people by the size and color of their skin
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