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Shea Salon & Spa

No description

Akunna Ofodu

on 29 September 2011

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Transcript of Shea Salon & Spa

Why S.H.E.A. ? S.H.E.A. is a Salon and Spa that offers different types of care for different types of women; we understand
diversity, and the importance of treating every woman
individually. Our facilities will offer hair, makeup, dermatology treatments and cosmetic treatments.
S.H.E.A. The name S.H.E.A is an acronym for Spa, Hai, Elizabeth and Akunna. Hai Kim, Elizabeth Spurny and Akunna Ofodu are the owners and plan on having a Subchapter S Corporation . Founders Akunna, Hai and Elizabeth want to have a more creativity and control over the business, "Location, Location, Location"
Our team selected the Kansas City Metro Area, on a strip mall area on the Boardwalk because of the family friendly location, and the close proximity to a high traffic shopping area. Layout Our salon will be located directly in the middle of the Boardwalk Shopping center. The layout of the Boardwalk and size of our location is conducive for a large spa. Shea Personnel The head personnel will consist of C.E.O Akunna Ofodu, with Business Managers Elizabeth Spurny and Hai Kim. 8 Cosmeticians will be hired
8 Estheticians will be hired
8 Hair Stylists will be hired
3 Secretaries will be hired Dress Code Strict ALL BLACK dress code will be enforced with make-up and hair completed in a manner that protrays professionalism. Customer Service: Customers will be given the opportunity to receive a FREE Re-Do of any service, if they are not satisfied. Salon Service: Hand and Foot Care: Trimming, Cutting, Styling, Treating and Coloring
Multicultural Treatments Manicure and Pedicure Services,
Lotions, Cuticle and Nail Treatments
Finger and Toenail Polishes and Filing Skincare: Microdermabrasion, Peels, Masks, and Facials Cosmetics: Specific Cosmetic services designed for each person Appointments are made to cater to the individual client Promotional Plan SheaSalonandSpa.com Social Media Print Kansas City Star Advertisements: Billboards: Outside sources of help include the use of a legal advisor as well as an accountant when necessary Rather than using a salary for the employees, other than the secretaries, the individuals will be individually contracted $1,500/year $3000/month Total Start-up Costs: $89,199.59 Financing Required $55,000 from personal sources
$55,000 in loans required
- One $25,000 and two $15,000

- Mrs. Keith blah blah blah
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