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Book Report

Book Report for Out of the Silent Planet by C.S. Lewis.

Leticia Sidney

on 28 February 2013

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Transcript of Book Report

ut of the Silent Planet By: C.S. Lewis C.S. Lewis' book "Out of the Silent Planet" was published in 1938 by John Lane. Then 5 years later it was published by Macmillian in the U.S.. It has two sequels which were published in 1943 and 1945 completing the so called Space Trilogy. C.S. Lewis Cover of the book. C.S. Lewis' book starts out on the Earth, then on a spaceship and spends most of it's time on Mars. (In the book the term Malacandra is used for Mars and Thulcandra for Earth.) Hint: THULCANDRA MEANS SILENT PLANET! Out of the Silent Planet consists of both humans and Aliens! Here are a list of the main characters of the book, what they are like and what they do in the novel. Character and Setting Similarities Both Malacandra and Earth have physical feature; like lakes, rivers, mountains, etc.
Both planets have atmospheres lying around the outer surface.
And both atmospheres of Earth and Malacandra contain oxygen.
Leading to both planets having living creatures! On Malacandra there are Hrossa, pfifltriggi, and surns.
Both planets also have water flowing on parts of its surface.
The same way that everybody on Earth is meant to do or be something like a doctor or a constructor or a scientist, on Malacandra all creatures have their purposes, to construct, to model, to perform, or to inform. Malacandra's gravity is much less than the Earth's.
Compared to Earth, Everything on Malacandra (creatures and landforms) are strangely elongated and thin. Causing Ransom, Weston, and Devine to be called "thick hnau." (hnau means creatures)
On Earth the average temperature of surface ocean water is approxamatley 17 degrees celcius, when in Malacandra the water is so much hotter, steam rises from it.
On Malacandra all creatures get along very well, they are all compatible with no problem. Here on Earth there is every problem there could possibly be! Bullying, racism, persecution, murder, and more; sadly, we have it all.
On Malacandra there are 3 actual species of creatures that live on it's surface. On Earth we have humans and aproximately 1.3 million species of animals, and there are still more to discover.
Here on Earth we have 6800 to 6900 languages that are used to communicate, on Malacandra there is 1 language only! (Old solar language.)
On earth we have 196 countries each with either 1 or multiple rulers. Yet on Malcandra there is 1 ruler for everybody, Oyarsa! Differences Differences and Similarities of Earth and Malacandra Science Fiction T The novel "Out of the Silent Planet" is science fiction. To be considered science fiction the novel needed to include specific elements. Here is what made this novel science fiction: One thing this novel has that makes it science fiction is aliens! PLEASE IGNORE THE UGLINESS OF THE FOLLOWING PHOTOS. Another element that made this a science fiction novel is most of it being located in a different planet, Malacandra. Malacandra! Here is an animation of when Ransom, Weston, and Devine arrive on the planet and Devine runs away. You will see sorns, hrossa, and Malacandra. Another element that made this novel a science fiction one is that at the time there weren't any real spaceships, so he included a future invention in his novel for his time which was a different, spherical spaceship that gave illusions of having walls that were bent when all the walls were really perpendicular to each other. It was one weird spaceship... Here is a Glossary of the Old Solar language they use in the novel: Exposition
In the beginning Ransom is on a walking tour, and is then invited into the house of Weston and, his former colleague, Devine. He is then drugged and kidnapped. After, he is awakened on a spaceship... He discovers they are bringing him there to giv him to the evil surns... Rising Action
They all finally arrive on Malacandra, and the surns are approaching. Ransom quickly flees from Weston, Devine, and the surns. Later on Ransom meets Hyoi and they create a great relationship with each other. He also discovers that the creatures there are of no evil. Ransom gets told by eldil (spirits) to go see Oyarsa. Then Hyoi gets shot by Weston.
A surn called Augray, guides Ransom to Meldilorn. Ransom then FINALLY meets Oyarsa and the hross capture Weston and Devine and bring the 2 to Oyarsa. Oyarsa ask some questions and conclude that Weston and Devine are cruel bad people. He send them back and Ransom goes back with them to keep an eye on them... Falling Action
Weston, Devine, and Ransom are given a 90 day supply of food and such, to make it back to Earth before there space ship is demolished. Thankfully this time, Ransom was in charge... Denouement
The difficult Journey ends in time and they make it to Earth. Ransom ponders if all really happened. He receives a question from an author asking if he knew the meaning of the word "Oyarses." So Ransom tells him about the secret unexpected journey he had took to Malacandra and all he had did there. And then Ransom realizes that-Yes, all that had happened was REAL. Ransom now dedicated himself to stopping Weston from further crimes! Plot Arbol — the Sun (Field of Arbol - Solar System)
crah — final section of a poem
eldil — spirit, angel
Glundandra — Jupiter
handra — earth, land, planet
harandra — high earth, plateau
handramit — low earth, valley
hlab — language
hluntheline — long for, yearn for, desire (for the future)
hnakra, pl. hnéraki — a vicious aquatic beast hunted by the hrossa. Its qualities could be those of a shark and a crocodile. Lewis may have borrowed the word from Germanic nicor, Old English niker(en), meaning "sea monster".[citation needed]
hnakrapunt, pl. hnakrapunti — hnakra-slayer
hnau — rational creature
honodraskrud — ground-weed (honodra perhaps being an alteration of handra, + skrud "weed")
hressni — female hrossa
hru — blood (hence arbol hru, gold)
Malacandra — a compound noun, formed with the prefix Malac and the noun handra, which latter means earth, land, or planet, and referring to the fourth planet from the sun; in English: Mars
Maleldil — Jesus, the second person of God with "the Old One" and "the Third One."
Oyarsa, pl. Oyéresu — (Title) Ruler of a planet, a higher-order angel, perhaps an arch-angel.
Perelandra — a compound noun, formed with the prefix Perel and the noun handra, which means earth, land, or planet, and referring to the second planet from the sun; in English: Venus
Thulcandra — a compound noun, formed with the prefix Thulc, meaning "silent", and handra, meaning earth, land, or planet, referring to the third planet from the sun in English: "Silent Planet" or Earth
wondelone — long for, yearn for, miss (from the past). - Elwin Ransom
Ransom is an innocent man who studies philosophy. One night he is captured and taken to Malacandra. He is the main character of the novel.
-Weston and Devine
Weston and Devine are cruel, proud, uncivilized villians. They are the one's who drugged Ransom and kidnapped him.
Hyoi is the first Hross friend Ransom makes! He teaches Ransom the Malacandrian language and the truths and principles of being a hross. Hyoi is later killed by Weston.
Augray is a sorn who rescues Ransom from dying at the top of a tall frigid mountain. He is a very curious creature asking Ransom many questions about Earth. Augray also helps Ransom by carrying him to see Oyarsa at Meldilorn.
Kanakaberaka is a pfifltriggi that engraves Ransom's picture onto a stone at Meldilorn.
Oyarsa is an undying, wise, humane spirit that rules over Malacandra.He appears only as a fragment of light. URLs and Citations for Pictures and Video C.S. Lewis Picture: "Picture Album."Multimedia. Into the Wardrobe - A C.S. Lewis web Site. Web. 27 Feb 2013. <http://cslewis.drzeus.net/multimedia/>.
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Video URL:
Spaceship: Lamb , Brett. "A cartoon spaceship travelling through outer space.."Stock Photo. 123RF, 26 February 2013. Web. 26 Feb 2013. <http://www.123rf.com/photo_15542624_a-cartoon-spaceship-travelling-through-outer-space.html>.
Galaxy: "Spiral Galaxy NGC 1232."Wallpapers. Live Science. Web. 27 Feb 2013. <http://www.livescience.com/24997-spiral-galaxy-ngc-1232.html>. How I felt about the book:

First of all the book has a really cool title.. "Out of the Silent Planet"... It sounds a little mysterious, and dramatic, spooky even. Say it to your self a couple times. Ooh, I love a good title.

And second of all, this is a really good allegory. It is like another version of Chronicles of Narnia. Though Chronicles of Narnia is written in a very simplistic style, C.S. Lewis goes HEAVY on the adjectives on this one. For most of the book I would wonder how it was possible to even use this many unknown words (to me) to describe 1 thing. Sometimes part of his passages become quite dull and boring and some chapters seem to drag on and on. But it turned out to be quite entertaining. I would rate the book 4 out of 5 stars.

This Book Report was made by Leticia Sidney in Group 4. THE END.
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