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life story of Walt Disney

No description

Dalaina Hibbs

on 8 May 2014

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Transcript of life story of Walt Disney

Fast Facts
info about him
Walt's Family
Fast facts
Walt loved his kids.
Walt loved trains growing up.
As an adult, Walt had nightmares about his tough job as a paperboy.
Mickey Mouse was the star of Walt's first cartoon with sound.
Family Photo's
snow white
I am Walt Disney
The life of Walt Disney
By Grace Norwich and Illustrated by Phil Parks
Walt's Daughters
Walt's parents.
Family photo.
Walt's brothers and sister.
True life story of Walt Disney
December of 1933 Diane was born.
December of 1936 Sharon was adopted.
Walt liked to vist Disneyland without attracting attention.
Walt drove an ambulance in France after world war 1.
Ub lwerks was Walt's trusted business partner.
Walt worked as a paperboy delivering the Kansas City Star.
Walt's parents names are Flora and Elias.
Walt worked as an artist for the Kansas City Slide Company.
Walt discovered his love for drawing at a young age.
Author's Purpose
Grace Norwich got the inspiration of writing I am Walt Disney by going to Disney world. She wanted to talk about Walt Disney so she wrote a book about Walt Disney.
I am Walt Disney
is about Walt Disney as a child.It talks about his life story as a child and as an adult. When he was younger, he was a paperboy. He got hurt a lot. One time, it was icy, and he kicked a rock and underneath it was a nail. He got the nail stuck in his toe. He had to go to the hospital.
Full Name
Walter Elias Disney
Date of Birth
December 5, 1901
Death Date
December 15, 1966
Text structure
The author describe a topic by listing characters.
Who was Walt Disney
Author Info
She writes books about health, fashion, animals and more. Here is a list of book that Grace Norwich wrote I am Albert Einstein, I am Helen Keller, and I am John F. Kennedy, and more.
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