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The Woman in Black Poster Analysis

No description

Josh Witten

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of The Woman in Black Poster Analysis

The Woman in Black
poster analysis Background Header #1

Colours: There are only a few colours in
this poster. There is black and white
which is used to make things pop. An
example of that would be how Daniel
Radcliffe is wearing a black vest and the
title the Woman in Black is in white, and
you really notice that! Also to the right of
Daniel's arm in the blue wash is a woman
in black hiding herself. The blue wash
colour signifies emptiness, and foreboding
and shows that nothing good will happen. Symbols: In this poster there is
a church cross behind the
woman signifying life or death.
Behind the both of the people
there is house used as the focal
point in the poster. Figures/objects/background: Like I said earlier
there is a woman in the background in front of a church cross. There is a house in the very back of the poster. The thing that stands out the most in this poster is the blue wash mist. One can assume that this poster is graphically represented because of everything that is involved in the poster, it would be really hard to create that much fog and have it so condensed without help from some sort of program. Messages: The messages in this poster
are visual. I know that
because there is no text in
the poster, it is just visual. Intended audience: I think that the
intended audience for this film
just from looking at this poster is
ranging from mid-teenagers to
young adults. Factors of Influence USP: A star is used as the unique selling point.
The star is Daniel Radcliffe and he is used
because a lot of people liked him from the Harry
Potter films. It is very smart of how they used
Daniel to be the main focus of the poster because
like I said a lot of people like him thus enlarging
the popularity effect of his star status too bring
more people in to the theatres to watch it. Expert witnesses: In this poster there
is no experts quoted. I find without a
critics opinion I'm under the impression
that the movie is neutral, meaning that
it isn't a bad movie nor is it a good
movie. Attention: I feel that attention is gained
through shock. I saw the woman in black
just to the right of Daniel Radcliffe and
it gave me a shock. Also a familiar star
face Daniel Radcliffe. Genre: The genre for this poster is
horror/suspense because you
assume that the film is a horror
and you can see the woman in
black standing to the right of Daniel
Radcliffe which makes it suspenseful
because it makes you want to know
what she has to do with him. Pleasures: just by looking at the poster I can
inference horror/fear. This would gratify people
because people like the thrill of getting scared. Tagline: The tagline on this poster is
"FEAR HER CURSE". I feel that this is
a good tagline because it makes whom
ever reads the tagline suspicious in
knowing what her curse is. Appeal to fear: "fear her curse". I chose that because
you automatically assume her curse is bad making
you uncomfortable .

Appeal to pity: I chose this appeal because when I first saw this poster and saw the women in front of the cross, I felt pity because she must of died.

Appeal to popularity: I have chosen this one because a lot of my friends said that this movie was good. So it must be true. Critical evaluation: Overall I think that this movie
poster is very well done! I really like the blue wash colour that they put into it. I feel that it communicates with the audience very well because it draws peoples attention to look at it. Some people could have an alternative view point when interpreting the title of this movie. Some are offended when the word black is used to have a negative connotation. It can be taken as a racial slur.
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