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the son of neptune

No description

naveed hossain

on 11 January 2013

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Transcript of the son of neptune

author Rick Riordan point of view characterization Plot conflict in this novel the conflict would be man vs man
because in the novel the gods of Olympus and
the demigods have to fight Gaea and her army Settings the son of Neptune theme the point of view of this novel is third person so the story.So the reader follow the story with a narrator that is not a character in the novel. There are three main Protagonist in this
novel Percy Jackson,Hazel Levesque,and
frank zhang.percy is courageous,funny,and
a natural leader who have his memory erased
so he does not remember anything but just one
name Annabeth,Hazel is kind and bright but
has a horrible background and end up dying
she is has been raise from the dead by mistake.
frank zhang is shy and clumsy and his depends
on a wooden stick. Percy Jackson is being chased down by the two remaining gorgon who what to kill him for the death of Medusa while he run away from them he stumble upon a unusual lady who is actually a godess in disguise who tell him to go past a little tiber river to a roman camp almost there he meets hazel and frank who escort Percy to the camp and escape the gorgons.The godess then reveal herself as Juno godess of marriage and tell all the camper that he is the son of the sea god Neptune and he must be accepted.The campers question percy but he does not remember to much of his history.the dead have been raising a lot because the death have been held captive in Alaska by Alcyoneus .so mars god of war came to camp and tell Percy,hazel,and frank that they have to free him.so they go to a quest to save death.they go to a old man named Phineus who is all knowing so he chould tell his exact location but they have to capture a harpy named Ella and give it to him but before they capture her they befriended her.So instead of giving her to him they gamble for the information instead they beat him and get the location and defaet Alcyoneus and free death.
after that they went back to camp and are rewarded but they have just won the battle but not the war because the gods of Olympus and the camper need the fight their true enemy Gaea. the main theme of this novel is to protect what is the most important and precious to you. this novel take place at camp Jupiter northern California.A summer camp between Berkeley Hills and Oakland Hills.later on the book they travail all the way to Alaska. It is also a man vs society because no one
really like being around them because they
are quite new at the camp. Mood this novel was adventurous,trilling,
with many suspense moment,with lot
of action like many fantasy novel. http://camphalfblood.wikia.com/wiki/Camp_Half-Blood_Wiki Riordan Rick. the son of Neptune New york: Disney Hyperion Books,2011 print http://ca.answers.yahoo.com/ This novel is a fantasy genre novel supernatural powers supernatural beings magical items
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