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Mission: Effective Math Language Instruction

Boldly Going Where No ESOL Teacher Has Gone Before...

Jennifer Pendergrass

on 26 October 2018

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Transcript of Mission: Effective Math Language Instruction

What makes Math Language confusing for ELs?
Academic Language
Word/Phrase Level
Sentence Level
Mission: Effective Math Language Instruction
Tricky Prepositions
Familiar Words with New Math Meaning
Discourse Level
"...12 divided
"4 goes
into 8
Every MATH class is a LANGUAGE class!
Now Let's Play!
Now Let's Play!
Now Let's Play!
Lack of background knowledge.
How far apart...
Unclear directions
Use of several words that may not be relevant to solve the problem.
" I'm about to BOLDLY go where no ESOL teacher has gone before...."
What can teachers do to promote Academic Language Development?
Allow students to use their first language to clarify what is being asked.
Provide adequate time for students to process the language and content.
Encourage working in small groups
Have students share their reasoning with their peers in their home language and English.
Model and provide comprehensible input by providing strategies appropriate to proficiency levels.
Ask students to defend their mathematical reasoning visually.
Mathematical proficiency is no longer only procedural or computational, but it involves conceptual understanding.
Give abundant and diverse opportunities for speaking, listening, reading, and writing.
Textbooks might refer to academic language as a list of 10 words for a unit, but it is much more...
Testing pressures are on all students, but think about school for ELLs who are trying to learn mathematics through a language that they have not yet mastered.
What strategies does Moises use to the solve the math problem presented by his teacher?
Academic Language
How could we have handled this situation better?
General Academic Language
Core Academic Language
Find the natpowz of an orgle if the kinoze is 30.
Solve this problem:
Careless Textbook Language-
Different meaning in standard English
"Carry" the one
"Borrow" the 10
"Reduce" the fraction
Word Problems
Our Math Language Team
The team meets at the Teacher Resource Center twice a week to discuss Math Language considerations and make strategies approachable for our classroom teachers.
Erica Knowles Jennifer Pendergrass Maria Davis Jennifer Martin
Thinking Maps
Visual Vocabulary Cards (Lonestar Learning)
Operation Cue Cards
Hands-on Examples for all Language Proficiency Levels within each Grade K-5
I Have Who Has
Thinking Maps
Hands-on Examples for all Language Proficiency Levels within each Grade K-5
Oral Discourse
Cootie Catchers
Math Talks Booklets
Task Cards with Games
Written Discourse
Note to a Friend
Math Journaling (Language Scaffolds)
Hands-on Examples for all Language Proficiency Levels within each Grade K-5
Build an MPI!
Strategies for Each Level of Language:
Term Swap!
Find the person in the room who can complete your set! Every word has a definition!
I Have...Who Has?
Fun Graphic Organizers
Math Journal
Pass a Note!
Written Discourse
Oral Discourse
Task Cards
Math Talk
Cootie Catchers
First, classroom teachers chart their students..
Language Function
Topic or Content
Type of Support
The 5-Minute Math MPI Game
Work at your table to build complete Model Performance Indicators for both of your students. Consider:
ELP levels
What kind of language function are they ready for?
How much support they will need?
Slap Happy Review
Place your cards in the middle of the table.
Each person at the table gets a sticky hand!
Listen for the clues.
Be the first person at your table to "slap" the correct card!

Match your MPI cards to build an MPI for each of your student profiles.
Word Problem Hat Organizer
Larry had a bag of 144 pretzel sticks. If he shares them with 3 friends, how many pretzel sticks does each friend get?
Full prezi made public at www.prezi.com
"Mission: Effective Math Language Instruction"
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