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Apply to CarletonSIFE as an Executive or Project Manager! Have questions? Leave a comment or use the contact me form!

Japman Bajaj

on 6 March 2010

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Transcript of CarletonSIFE

CarletonSIFE Be The Change Who is CarletonSIFE??? Sprott Student Club Created more than $200,000 in Economic Opportunity Breeds some of
Canada's Best Leaders Helps Businesses, Entrepreneurs, and Not for Profits What We Do Real STUFF Hands on, Practical
Experience Management Experience before you graduate We Help You Get JOBS We Help You build
Your Business! What is SIFE?! International Not for Profit
In over 40 countries
Over 1500 teams
More than 45,000 students
Annual SIFE World Cup

Sponsors include: Home Depot
Tim Horton's
KPMG Walmart
Best Buy
Johnson & Johnson Kodak
Procter & Gamble
The Forzani Group Why YOU need US 25,000 students graduate with the same degree
What makes you different? Different from Other Student Clubs We believe in Results Based Networking We believe in building a footprint in the city We give YOU access to established entrepreneurs!!! What We're Looking For: Executives Project Managers Relationships with CU Administration
Budgeting and Planning
Support Network for Core Activities
Shaping the Organization's Future Core Activities
Team Management, Delegation
Ottawa Business Community
Risk-Oriented Who Are We Looking For? LEADERS Confident Individuals Superior Communication Skills Creative, Innovative Problem Solvers How To Apply Go to http://www.japman.ca Click Contact Me Tell me what position you're interested in. Apply Today
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