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What is International Business?

No description

Sarah Kitchen

on 23 February 2014

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Transcript of What is International Business?

International Business
What is International Business?
International business is any exchange between different companies in different geographical locations. By companies not limiting themselves to local exchanges they are able to explore greater prices, better products, and unique opportunities. International businesses are really a vital factor in today’s society as we are relying on the goods from different places today to sustain, and entertain us. Obviously local business is still a thing today and a good one too, but international is extremely important today. It introduces not only brings foods and other goods to us but educates us on new cultures. International business involves the companies to have sufficient knowledge on the other countries in which they’d wish to do business in. They need to know the specific market in which they’re dealing with and know what to do with this information in order to supply them with what they need (you won’t do well selling parkas in Florida).
In my opinion globalization is overall a good thing as it creates more jobs for developing countries and supplies developed countries with new goods that they would otherwise not have. It’s a good thing for the already rich as it makes them richer due to them outsourcing their work, using cheap labour in developing countries to produce their goods and then distributing them at a much higher price having a high profit. It’s also good for the farmers in developing countries as the higher demand for their goods allows them to raise their prices. Globalization also helps the world by the governments wishing to help each other since now they are interdependent so any change in one government could possibly negatively affect the other.
This image was chosen for globalization because a big part of that is out sourcing which is when companies are transferring there work else where to save money. This is an image of a sweatshop where the company is taking advantage of the extremely low wages of these workers.
I chose this image for globalization as it shows well known products placed in the map where they originated from. This shows how much international trades and trade balances have gone on throughout the years.
I chose this image for globalization as it symbolizes the OECD comparing with one another to refine and develop social policy.
I chose this comic for globalization because its a good example of multi-national corporations such as Nike, Disney and McDonalds, and how far they've gone.
I chose this image for globalization as it involves some of the main parts of globalization.
I chose this image for international business as it displays how the business people all around the world are meeting.
This image was chosen for international business because it signifies an agreement being made internationally.
I chose this image for international business as it has to do with logistics which is the transportation of the goods and services world wide.
I chose this image of the Walmart sign for international business because this company is a great example of just how impacting international business is. This company is a house hold name in many countries around the world proving the effectiveness of international business.
I chose this image for international business because it symbolizes how even thought around the world different currencies are used trades are still done.
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