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Shoes for Hector

cool awesom entretaining

Axel Druguet

on 6 February 2011

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Transcript of Shoes for Hector

This story takes place back in 1973, New York City. The places where it takes place is mostly in Hectors house and the school's auditorium. Main Character:
The main chararcter of this story is Hector, for me he is very inmature, and he cares alot about how he looks. Main problem:
Hector is greduating "as the valedictorian, and that means he will have to present a speech" , and he doesent have inuogh money to afford a new pair of cool shoes. Rising Action:
Uncle Luis offers to lend Hector his shoes, but Hector totally is repulsed by them, he said they looked like a mile long with pinty tips, just like "Mata Cucarachas" Climax:
At the end there was no escape, he had to wear the shoes, once he was in the auditorium, they called his name. When he was giving the speech he was really worried that people would look at his shoes Resolution:
After the ceremony nobody mentioned his shoes "nobody noticed them," and everyone was congratulating him for his speech and everithing. He realized that the shoes he was wearing didn't even mater powerfull pasages:

"m going to buy me a pair of shoes, any color except orange."

It helps you undertand what is he giong to buy. For me tis story is related to growing up, because Hector didnt want enybody to see him with the shoes but at the end he growed up, and putet the shoes on. I think the authors purpose of this story was that you dont have to worry how you look like, and also ignore other peoples bad comments. My favorite part was when the called Hector's shoes "Mata cucarachas" because it was verry funny. THE END!! :)
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