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The Legislative Branch

No description

kate staehly

on 13 May 2013

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Transcript of The Legislative Branch

Senate House of Representatives The Balance
of Power Shared Powers Both The Senate and the House of Representatives can... The Legislative Branch The US Senate is made up of
100 members! Under the
Constitution, each state
has 2 representatives. The House of Representatives is made
up of 435 members! Under the Constitution, states will have a given
number of representatives based on
population... Created by Sofia Staehly Senators serve 6 year
terms, and can be
reelected. Requirements 1. You must be at least 30 years old...

2. You must have been a US citizen for
least 9 years...

3. AND you must live in the state you're
running for! The Senate Small States Big States The House of Representatives Less-Populated
States More-Populated
States Therefore, largely populated
states, like California, have more representatives then states with a small population, like Alaska! Requirements 1. You must be at least 25 years old...

2. You must have been a US citizen for
at least 7 years...

3. AND you must live in the state you're
running for! 1. Provide for the common defense
2. Declare war
3. Raise and support armies
4. Provide and maintain a navy
5. Call forth the National Guard
6. Suppress revolts inside the country
7. AND repel invasions That's a lot of power! ALSO... Representatives serve 2 year terms, and can be reelected as many times as their district wants! BUT WAIT!!!! How do we make
sure that
doesn't have all
the power? Introducing... CHECKS AND BALANCES (AKA the plan that makes sure we establish justice and equality!) How Congress can be checked... The President can veto (or say no) bills proposed by Congress If Supreme Court find any of Congress's laws unconstitutional, they can overrule them How Congress can check other branches... Congress can overrule the President's veto if 2/3 of the Senate and House combined vote against it Congress decides the number of judges in the supreme Court Congress can ratify, or confirm, many treaties or appointments made by the President or his ambassadors Now let's get back to the Senate's power and the House's power... Powers of the SENATE

accept/reject treaties

accept/reject candidates

trial officers impeached by the House Powers of the HOUSE all money bills start in the House

initiate revenue bills

impeach officials REPUBLICAN OR DEMOCRAT??? what you need to know about... DEMOCRATS What you need to know about... REPUBLICANS Here are some other political parties... We already know
these 2! 1. They are also known as GOP (grand old party! 2. Formed in 1850 by a group of antislavery politicians
3. They are the more conservative party 1. They are the more liberal party 2. They think everyone should have the oppurtunity to succeed 3. They aren't afraid to raise taxes-as long as it will benefit society 4. Most democrats support health care for everyone and more money spent on education 4. They aren't a big fan of taxes, and support lower taxes 5. Most republicans believe that government should play a smaller role in people's lives 5. Democrats usually belive that government should play a larger role in society Important Positions in the Senate The Vice President- He/She is the President of the Senate.
He/She can only vote if there is a tie. The current vice president
-Joe Biden The President Pro Tempore- If the Vice President is unavailable, a President Pro Tempore is chosen to lead the Senate Important Positions in the House The Speaker of the House- He/She is the leader of the House.
They are elected by members of the house. Current Speaker
-John Boehner Current president pro tempore
-Patrick Leahy Now, let's talk about political parties( not as fun as they sound, but still pretty interesting)! THANKS FOR WATCHING AND LEARNING ABOUT THE LEGISLATIVE BRANCH!!!
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