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English I - 3rd 6-Weeks

No description

Andrea Khawaja

on 5 January 2016

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Transcript of English I - 3rd 6-Weeks

English I
3rd 6-Weeks
"The Odyssey"

Warm-up: View video. What makes something "literally epic?" Define and list characteristics of epics.
Odyssey prezi
View introductory video

Anticipation guide
Khawaja's classes: present nonfiction projects.
Begin reading
Homework: Work on 20 book challenge.
Khawaja's Classes-If you wrote an essay for the project, submit to turnitin.com by 9pm. If you recorded an interview, share it with me electronically by 9pm. Read and answer questions in packet.
Monday, November 16=A/Tuesday, November 17=B
Critical viewing of thematically related material-hero's journey
Day 4
B=Tuesday, November 24
A=Monday, November 30
Warm-up: Define "epithet" and write one about yourself.
View video and write down 7-10 key points that will help you understand your reading.
Review from last class.
Begin reading "The Odyssey"
HW: Did you turn in your nonfiction project? Work on book challenge.

Day 2
Wednesday, November 18=A/Thursday, November 19 (Late Start)=B
Read "The Return of Odysseus"
Work on project
Homework: Finish god/goddess project-due next class. 10 book challenge paperwork due 12/11 and 12/14.
Day 7
A=Monday, December 7
B=Tuesday, December 8
Warm-up: View TED video: "The Science Behind the Myth"
The end of the video says that myths "may have more elements of truth in them than we previously thought." What does this mean? Summarize the evidence in the video that supports this claim.
Read from "The Odyssey"
Research for god/goddess project
HW: bring supplies for creating god/goddess
Day 6
B=Thursday, December 3
A=Friday, December 4
Warm-up-review hero's journey and take notes on video
Read and discuss "Odyssey" passages
Introduce god/goddess project
HW: Begin research for god/goddess project
Day 5
B=Tuesday, December 1
A=Wednesday, December 2
Warm-up: Read and discuss: http://www.nytimes.com/2009/11/08/opinion/08alexander.html
"Back From War, but Not Really Home"
APE Practice: What is the tone of the article? Use text evidence to support your answer.
Read "The Odyssey" - Land of the Dead pg. 1064- 1069
Library visit-find a book to read during Thanksgiving break!
Watch "The Odyssey"
Day 3
B=Friday, November 20
A=Monday, November 23
Final exam review
Day 9
B=Friday, December 11
A=Monday, December 14
Day 8
A=Wednesday, December 9
B=Thursday, December 10

What makes a hero?
How does the "epic hero" influence the modern perception of heroes?
What is involved in the hero's journey?

Journal-Answer the review questions without checking the textbook.
What was the name of the blind prophet, and where did Odysseus go to find him? What information did he share with Odysseus?
How does Athena disguise Odysseus when he returns to Ithaca?
Describe the plan Odysseus and Telemachus come up with to deal with the suitors.
God/Goddess presentation day
Finish reading Part II of "The Odyssey"
HW: 10 book challenge due next class.

Final Exams:
December 15-18
Quizzes: MOY Writing, journals, and god/goddess project
Major Project: Nonfiction unit project

Epic Commercials
Cyclops Cartoon-Epic Fail at Voiceover
Journal #19: Epithet
Copy the definition:
EPITHET: a repeated phrase that describes a place, a thing or a person in such a way that it helps in making the characteristics of it more prominent than they actually are.
Consider your own traits - write one about yourself! Ex: THE QUICK-MINDED MS. RAYMOND
Science Behind the Myth:
Warm-up: Who were the Lotus Eaters? How did Odysseus save his men? What do you think of his choices so far?
Read "Cyclops" and watch cartoon version.
Library visit.
HW: 20 book challenge and make-up work.
November 30, 2015 Agenda
Welcome back!
1) 25 minutes of reading and complete an entry in your reading log (daily grade).
2) Read "Cyclops" as a class.
3) Watch cartoon version of story.
HW: Make-up work, reading log, book challenge.
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