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Copy of My Whiteboard template

I started to publish some of my templates - whiteboard great for pitching ideas. Enjoy.

Larry Collins

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Copy of My Whiteboard template

A Component of changing the way we work. Highly Mobile Apple (iPads, iPhone)
Android (Tablets, phones)
Microsoft Integrated w/Brokers, U/Ws, TPA,s, Customers and any other data provider Engineering On The Go! Data Enabled Data base agnostic
We don't know what data we'll need in the future
Grew data
EDW data
CDW data
broker data
object data
Internet based data
Share Point data Each data base uploads its data to a staging area.
The staging area assembles into templates
The templates upload into GREW or a data server Video Enabled Engineering on the go is going to change the way we work! It will be
Highly mobile
Integrated with brokers, U/Ws & customers
Video enabled
Data supported Unlike the ones in my office, this marker isn't always dry Luke
Just new in the workplace Maureen
The senior consultant Much as RECAT has figured out how to handle data, so will all our data bases have to handle other types of data iPad, Android, Microsoft apps and devices handle data-in-motion Two way "Skype" conferencing
Recorded recommendation video clips
Interactive self assessment Assembles full complement of data from other stakeholders Video recommendations
"Skype" conferencing
All handled via tablets / smart phones speed of response
-cycle time improvement
report completed and sent to the
customer while the engineer is traveling
-cost reduction and productivity improvement
-resources available include videos, video conferencing, and technical references.
-ready made sla wizard for instant sales. Benefits include
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