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News Meme Workshop

No description

Ok Denisa

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of News Meme Workshop

News Meme workshop
Aye Min & Denisa Introduction & Theoretical 'Training' Terminology Advice Animal News Meme The Workshop(Assignment) Create your own news meme relates to current news event it can be local or world news,
but should be well known enough you can use templatesfrom sites over here or, you can create your very own original caption can use
puns,indirect reference,
remixed or paraphraphrased quotes and tag-lines Our own news memes you can do better than us News Topics Resouces / Generators Where to upload Endeavour space shuttle
(E-COLI SCARE) US presidential campaign We will focus on graphic memes and discus most common types idea or concept originated on the internet; can be graphics, photos or videos LOL cats Rage Comics Advice animals Predefined parameters: structure, symbols, metaphors Each Animal - specific nature / purpose Often paired or grouped into complex storyline or conversation but, essentially,
still LOL cats :-) This will be our focus for the rest of our workshop Motivational Posters e-Cards fixed caption arbitrary caption
with fixed type
of content image can be altered
or replaced Bad Luck Brian The Most Interesting Man Anatomy of Advice Animal News meme news memes popular culture media mass media social media digital technology visual culture demographics advertising,
music, film,
Tv, games cultural
points of reference interactivity mash-ups accessibility free easy online community graphic design agency information commentary opinion forming ideology active consumption privacy resistance ? short attention span short attention span file sharing hobby? hegemony ? originality creativity ? passivity consumerism ? inormation overload selectivity Red Bull free fall
(Felix Baumgartner) Meme - dedicated VIU Facebook page : http://www.facebook.com/pages/VIU-Memes/300840149965830?ref=ts&fref=ts or, send us an e-mail: ok.denisa@email.cz relatively new concept; explores the news-carrier potential of memes: non-linear order accessibility instanteneity better accomodates shorter attention span nutritious but light can carry complex ideas / meaning / information load / cultural reference in a few words and a picture What is an Internet Meme? cultural influence - memes are becoming a new cultural language

cultural knowledge is necessary to understand references and "inside jokes"

more serious aspect of this fun phenomenon: Objectives Advice Dog Spin off Courage Wolf Bad Advice Cat Foul Bachelor Frog High Expectation Asian Father
Success Kid Successful Black Man “meme” was first coined by biologist Richard Dawkins in his book “Selfish Gene” - he defined “meme” as “new replicator in cultural transmission, a unit of imitation"
likewise, the internet memes acts like replicators and transmits culture one internet meme imitates another. econonomic potential (viral marketing, low-cost advertising strategy) or political impact (freedom of speech) - memegenerator.net
- memebase.cheezburger.com
- quickmeme.com
- memecrunch.com/generator

- Advice Animal iTunes applications
- Image macro application subjectivity, space for commentary , culture jamming, or alternative truth or it can be a mashup of an Advice Animal emergency plan B - if you don't feel creative, find a news meme example on the net the ability of memes
to convey information
makes them
alternative news media a Chinese dissident - how good is your cultural knowledge? This is Richard Dawkins success baby made into a billboard funny captions on funny pictures of cats set of primitive but apt drawings assembled into simple comics picture in a frame with a caption (because cats are the religion of the internet) can be made into comics, too variation of a motivational poster - usually victorian figure with a caption - knowyourmeme.com (meme info) Pope names Native American saint
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