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Camel Caravan

No description

emily schnurr

on 29 October 2014

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Transcript of Camel Caravan

Camel Caravan
By Emily
Camels are one of the only animals that can survive in the dessert. Normally in long lines of many camels (Camel Caravan)
Intro To Camels
How they survive in the dessert
Because the camels can eat spiky plants they can eat cacti and because cacti store water they can drink the water out of the cacti
what they eat
Traders took camels
Because they could survive in the dessert
Traders went to foreign places so Islam spread

Connection to islam
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thank you!!!!!!!
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Inotternews. Hump Day. N.d. Baby camel hump day. Website, The web. It’s
Wednesday, the middle of the week. So for Hump Day today, here’s some
adorable pictures of baby dromedary camels.
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