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jaime Sumayop

on 11 August 2017

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Transcript of Cross AP ISA TW

Highlights &

Elimination of Contract Preparation of ASEAN accounts resulting to 0.4 FTE reduction in workload.
Project Team: Reyon, Tongson, Kim and Faith

Launch of Accelerate: New Ways of Working and assignment of supportive Iteration Managers
Awardees and Promotion
Q1 Corp d’ Elite Team Excellence Awardees: Angel and Cleo
Q2 Promotion as RFS Proposal Manager: Maricar Camus

Since Paula join L'Oreal account as the RFS Manager last year, she has help the account team tremendously and lead with a number of initiatives: Tighten and Improved on the RFS Governance Process, consolidated 200-300++ RFSes and PCR into 25++ RFS as part of recent Contract extension and benchmark. This has been a very massive exercise, and Paula has manage to do all these work in a short span of time. Paula is a valuable team in L'Oreal account, and I will like to take this opportunity to express my thanks for her hard work

Su Sian Chow, Project Executive
Paula Hayin
RFS Manager
L’Oreal Account
Glow Orillo
Proposal Manager
ASEAN accounts
You were instrumental in getting TfNSW onboarded to STS, understanding our processes and working them in to an interlocked process with your team and ensuring a smooth transition from the beginning of this year! Your patience and support has been greatly appreciated, and RFS on the account is much better for it.

Gavin Radke, ANZ Portfolio Director
Remarkable Commendation
Significant Wins
Arlene Cervantes
BPI RFS Manager
Provided RFS management support for the following signed projects for BPI: ALM MR upgrade and NL Polisy Asia
Auren Alpe,
Telstra and Energy Australia RFS Manager
Provided RFS management support for the following signed projects for Telstra: SPARC LCM, Evergreen migration activities, AvePoint EDMS SharePoint Migration, ITOPSA FINXL to IBM Resource Transition
Ronel Lao
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