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Why do we Recruit?

No description

Mark Logsdon

on 16 November 2013

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Transcript of Why do we Recruit?

Why do we recruit?
To share our Fraternity with Qualified Men.
How do we Recruit?
By utilizing every venue possible to find like minded men
Who do we Recruit?
We recruit Men with values, who stand out from the crowd.
So, what is our purpose for Recruitment?
We recruit to share our ritual with qualified Men, that we find by utilizing every venues possible, who have strong values and stand out from the crowd.



Social Excellence

Dynamic Recruitment



Planning and Marketing
Who has a calendar for next semester?

Why is planning important?

How do you develop a plan/calendar?

What is Marketing and how does it affect perception?
TFM or Total Frat Move
Having sex with a sorostitute in the attic of our fratcastle while pledges distract her friends from finding her then naming the maneuver the "Anne Frank". TFM. - 7,758 liked this
Social Excellence and Dynamic
What does social mean?
Get Weird
Be the "Fat Penguin"
What is Social Excellence?
Genuine Conversation
What is Dynamic Recruitment?
Why do we recruit?

Quantity Drives Quality ; Quality drives Quantity!!
Better Quality Members will drive a higher quantity of quality men!
A.B.C. - All Brothers Close
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