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Sarah & Angelina Grimke

No description

Abigail Clampett

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Sarah & Angelina Grimke

By: Abigail Clampett Sarah & Angelina Grimke What criticism of American society did the individual have? The Grimke sisters were the first to act publicly in social reform movements. They also spoke out against slavery and pioneered the women's rights movement. What success did the individual have in promoting reform? Sarah Grimke supported the "Free Produce" , a call to boycott slave-made products. Angelina wrote "An Appeal to the Christian Women of the South", gave a considerable amount of national recognition as a figure in the abolitionist movement . They were criticized for publicly speaking, but "They championed antislavery." To what extent was the reformer obsessed with achieving and impractical goal through fanatical or impractical means? Angelina and Sarah conventionally worked towards women and African American equal rights through writing pamphlets targeted towards to Southerners, publicly lecturing, and addressing government organizations. What methods did the person use to improve American life? Both the sisters devoted themselves to the Quaker society of Friends in Philadelphia and joined the American Anti-Slavery Society and went to cities publicly speaking about the subject. What details of the person's work made her an interesting historical figure? The Grimke sisters grew up in South Carolina, where they believed that African Americans possessed god given civil liberties. They wrote many letters and pamphlets about anti-slavery trying to change southerners minds and were the first to speak publicly against slavery.

What lasting impact did the person's reforms have on American society? Grimke's works eventually lead to advances in the Women's Rights Movement including the National American Women Suffrage Association.
Sarah's "Equality of the Sexes" linked slavery to the second class treatment of women.
Their anti-slavery reforms were lasting impact on America from their bravery and for women to have a voice. Angelina
(1792-1873) “I am confident not many years will roll by before the horrible traffic in human beings will be destroyed…my earnest prayers have been poured out that the Lord would be pleased to permit me to be instrumental of good to these degraded, oppressed and suffering fellow-creatures.”
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