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Planning a single camera production

No description

Sophie Davey

on 22 February 2012

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Transcript of Planning a single camera production

I used this music video as inspiration for my drama, as it gave me ideas for particular scenes and storylines. For my drama I am going to need 2 actors, one male one female age 18-25. In order for this to be possible I am going to ask family, friends and school friends if they will be interested in taking part.
For my 1 minute trailer I will require an assistant in shooting, again I will ask a friend if they are interested.
For the 5 minute drama I will use each person in my group for a different task, with cameramen, prop assistants and assistant producers. Resources Ideas I have decided to create a short drama rather than a documentary as I see it to have more creative potential. I had to choose whether I would create a documentary based on my research in Unit 3 or a short drama. I had a number of different ideas to what I wanted my drama to be like. However I knew I wanted to make it extremely dramatic in the 1 minute trailler. Some of my ideas were: The story of somebody running away A post- apocalypse scenario The story of a crazed ex- boyfriend I decided to create my drama based on the story between
an ex- boyfriend and girlfriend. The boy will have an evident
problemed mental state and my drama will follow him as he
seeks revenge. In order to make my trailer as dramatic as possible, I have decided to included minimal dialogue and to use tense music instead. The song fades out to a few seconds of silence at one point, this is where I will include the only dialogue of the female actress "They're coming" Devising Talent- for my drama I require three actors;
1 female aged 18-25
2 males aged 18-25

The female actor will play 'Naomi', who has made the decision to move away from 'Jack' and closer to her new boyfriend.

One male actor will play the anonymous man who hands a briefcase over to Jack whilst in disguise

The other male actor will play 'Jack', the crazed ex boyfriend who is seeking revenge on Naomi I require just one property for my drama, which will my Sister's house on Warwick Road in Carlisle. I chose this location as it is an old Victorian house and will be suitable for my indoor shots. I will require very minimal costumes as actors will be wearing casual clothing, however I do require some kind of mask or balaclava for the anonymous male. The locations I have chosen for shooting my drama are:
Bitts Park- Carlisle
Rickerby Park- Carlisle
House on Warwick Road- Carlisle I plan to film my drama on my Canon 500D DSLR Camera, I will use the build in microphone for audio, as little sound from the original video clip will be used. I do not require any specific lighting equipment for my drama, however if I find myself in a situation with bad lighting, I will use the soft box lights provided by the photography department at school. In my drama I will not be using any visual effects except perhaps colour correction in iMovie. I will be adding my chosen music track over the video clips, except for the single dialogue shot where the music will fade out. Planning Prop list:
Hammer, nail & wood
Letter & envelope
Fake blood These are the storyboards for my 1 minute trailer:
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