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The Walt Disney Company

No description

Kirsey Sunderland-Herrin

on 29 November 2012

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Transcript of The Walt Disney Company

The Walt Disney Company Lauren, Catherine, Paige, Kirsey Company Overview Bargaining Mission: "To make people happy"
Motion Pictures
Music Publishing
Stageplay Productions
Studio Production
Distribution Strengths:
Strong brand image - very popular
Global presence
$62.5 billion in assets
Children as market - parents pocketbooks President
Chairmen of the Board
Vice Chairmen of the Board
Board of Directors
Chief Operating Officer
Division Executives
Division Managers Weaknesses
Broad portfolio - potential to lack efficiency
Negative, patriarchal view of women
Market - children (for the most part), not diverse Opportunities:
More theme parks
Move abroad Threats:
Stiff competition
Maintained product differentiation
Working conditions? SWOT Analysis What Could Disney Do Differently? Suppliers Customers Bargaining power of customers:
Prices (Movies, Parks, Products)
Designed to make customer spend more
Offer free admission to park on Birthday
Family not free
Disney knows how to get around buying power Bargaining Power of Suppliers:
Disney - large company
power over suppliers
Many products & Many suppliers
Creates dependency in industry for products
High switching costs
Buy products in BULK Competitive Rivalry
within an Industry Not just geographically
Exit barriers
Cannot just leave
Unique product Where is the company now? Company Divisions Film
Parks and Resorts
Consumer Products
Media Networks
Internet Group Expansion Overseas
Recording Studios - China
Television Stations - Europe
New Strategic Partnerships
Apple - "Smart TV Strategies Brand Strategy
Strategic Alliance
Marketing VRIO Value "Vault"
Re-release = more $
Blu Ray = higher quality Rarity "Vault"-ed movies are more rare
Taken off of shelves until re-released Imitability Pixar and Lucasfilm = strategic alliance
Bought out their competitor Organization The company is constructed for profit
Movies --> products --> DVDs 80s-90s = Disney's golden years
Acquisition of Pixar and Lucasfilm
Resurgence of Disney Internet Presence Consumer Parks & Media Internet
Year Film Products Resorts Network Group Total
2009 6,136 2,425 10,667 16,209 712 36,149
2010 6,701 2,678 10,761 17,162 761 38,063
2011 6,351 3,049 11,797 18,417 982 40,893 Annual Gross Revenues (in millions USD) Net Income (in millions USD) Consumer Parks & Media Internet
Year Film Products Resorts Network Group Total
2009 175 609 1,418 4,765 -295 6,672
2010 693 677 1,318 5,132 -234 7,586
2011 618 816 1,553 6,146 -308 8,825 Corporate Governance and Management Threat of New Entrants LOW
Front runner for innovation
Cutting edge amusement parks
High-tech films
Nearly impossible for start-up companies to offer as many products/services
Capital Intensive
High demand for personnel
Most vulnerable vision: Internet Group
Expensive to develop apps/online games Threat of Substitute Products Moderate overall, varies by division

Film (HIGH)
Parks and Resorts (LOW to MODERATE)
Consumer Products (MODERATE)
Media Networks (HIGH)
Internet Group (HIGH) Questions 1 The Walt Disney Studios

1.1 Motion pictures

1.1.1 Animation

1.2 Disney Music Group

1.3 Disney Theatrical Group

1.4 Disney Studio Services[2][3]

1.4.1 Studio Production Services

1.4.2 Studio Post Production

2 Media Network

2.1 Disney–ABC Television Group

2.1.1 ABC Entertainment Group

2.1.2 ABC Family

2.1.3 ABC Owned Television Stations Group

2.2 Disney Channels Worldwide

2.2.1 Hyperion Books

2.3 ESPN, Inc.

3 Disney Interactive Media Group

3.1 Disney Online

3.1.1 Disney Interactive Studios

3.1.2 Disney Mobile

3.1.3 Disney Online Studios

4 Disney Consumer Products

5 Parks & Resorts

5.1 Disneyland Resort

5.2 Walt Disney World Resort

5.3 Tokyo Disney Resort

5.4 Disneyland Paris

5.5 Hong Kong Disneyland Resort

5.6 Disney Cruise Line

5.7 Disney Vacation Club

6 Marvel Entertainment
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