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Sex Education in China

No description


on 18 May 2015

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Transcript of Sex Education in China

Sex Education in China
Problem:Sex Education in China
Sex Education in China has long been ignored. Although there's no proper sex education, China also has the
birth control policy
. These two facts lead to the high rate of
in China. Also, due to the lack of sex education, the spread of
are becoming a huge problem.
User Perception
Customer Segments:
1. Children (aged 7 to 12)
2. Teenage Girls (girls aged 13 to 17)
3. Teenage Boys (boys aged 13 to 17)
Measures of Social Impact
Click Rate
; We will keep track of our weekly click rate. A website's click rate is the perfect measurement of its impact.
Media Reaction;
We will collect the number of medias that has reported about our website.
Abortion Rate;
We will keep an eye on the abortion rate every year.
STD report;
We will analyze the annual report of STD to see if the situation of STD has changed.
Government Reaction;
The last and maybe most important measurement is the government's reaction. If the government sector come to contact us, then we should have made a big impact on the society.
Some Details...
Sex Education Site-
Value Proposition
Chinese children and teenagers
need proper sex education to protect themselves and have a better life
Our product is an
education website
provides textbooks, videos and apps that provide young people with knowledge about sex and help build their awareness of self protection.
Individual/ Team Driven to succeed

, I graduated from my high school and was ready to go to college. That summer,
a friend of mine
got pregnant. She has to get an
and I was with her the whole time. Her boyfriend didn't show up.

That day, when I looked in her eyes and saw her tears, I began to
feel sad for our country.
China has
developed a lot
these years. We built countless high buildings and made investment all over the globe.
But we can not teach a young girl how to protect herself.

Cultural taboo and government's ignorance
are the main reasons that China has no proper sex education.
If I am going to have a daughter,
I won't let her grow up in a country that has no sex education.
Why my plan works...
About the problem.....
Revenue Stream
Prepare for the worst...
Piloting (
The Innovator's Toolkit
As statistics indicated, there are over

abortions every year in China, outnumbering any other countries in the world.

STDs in China have been increasing in a terribly high rate. Especially among homosexual group. The lack of knowledge about using protections are threatening people's health.
I want to build a website, sex education.com. On
the website, we provide sex education textbooks, online courses and videos. All the resources should be free to access online. We will also develop phone apps and publish our textbooks and videos.
sex education.com

For children using our product, we should design more games in their textbooks. (Three customer segments have three different textbooks, each has its own emphasis) When they buy our textbook in a store, they can get a little toy.
Teenage Girls
For teenage girls, our design of the textbook should focus on beautiful decorates. We can also send them pink cards on birthdays and give them some hello kitty stickers of they purchase our whole package (textbooks and videos).
Teenage Boys
A lot of teenage boys are into sports games and related things like basketball shoes. We can hold a lottery draw every month and use a game ticket or a pair of basketball shoes as the present.

- Guokr, an online
science community
and a partner of
in China, has raised US$20 million in series C funding led by Chinese edtech firmTAL.

Nutcracker Studio

On Oct. 29,
a three-person team calling itself the “Nutcracker Studio”
released three one-minute clips addressing tough topics in childhood sex education, such as “Where Do Babies Come From?”, “Why Are Boys Different from Girls?”,
Funded by the popular Chinese tech site Guokr,
“One-Minute Sex Ed” videos
rose to become the second most popular search on Baidu, China’s largest search engine, and have drawn over one million views on Youku, China’s YouTube ( cited from http://www.tealeafnation.com/2013/11/chinas-viral-minute-long-sex-ed-videos/#sthash.kCUo8GYz.dpuf)
Selling the textbooks and videos.
Although the
online version
of the textbooks and videos should be
, thus satisfying my social mission-give everyone the access to sex education. However, we can still
generate revenue by selling our published textbooks and videos.
Since I want to build partnership with Guokr, we can do some advertisement for
It's another way to generate revenue.

The worst case in mind is that
nobody clicks our site
and no media attention was attracted by our site.

For the worst situation, there are a lot of solutions.
First we need to make our site very interesting and special.
That's why I want to work with
Nutcracker Studio
. They are very creative and fun. Another solution is that
we use the fame of Guokr,
if we got the support from Guokr, there should be a lot of attention on us.

Step1 Plan the Pilot
Step2 Design the Pilot
Step3 Run the Pilot
Step4 Analyze the Results
What should the pilot environment look like?
The pilot should be online, the website offers free sex education videos.
How long should the pilot run?
The duration of the pilot should be 3 months.
Where will you find participant?
We should find our pilot participants in primary schools and junior high schools.

Find Enough Amount of Participants
Collect Data(click rate and pass rate of quiz) Everyday
Make Sure that Participants Know Their Feedback Is Valued
Keep in Touch with Participants
What aspect
of the website needs to be
to better meet customer needs?
How's the performance of the pilot? Is the
click rate
high? Is the
pass rate of quiz
Did the participants enjoy the website?
Will they come back
to the site when it's officially on?
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