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Special People Eliminating Discrimination

No description

George Dixon

on 6 December 2013

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Transcript of Special People Eliminating Discrimination


We all need help to be our best...
There are people that help us
There are tools can that help us
These are the things we need to succeed
Extra help at school
Extra help at home
A little peace and quiet
A little extra time
A little technology
Do these things also help you?
If they do then why do you ...
A little recognition
Laugh at us
Call us names
Point at us
Make fun of us
Hurt our feelings
Exclude us
We are all different but you are not better than me and I am not better than you!
Actually. We are not so different; we all need help and we all want to do our best.
"Fair is not Equal" - Each person must be given the tools they need to succeed
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