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Nia Gordon

on 27 September 2013

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Transcript of Norway

By: Loni Johnson & Sh'nia Gordon

Contributions to Drama
Famous Playwrights
Famous Theaters
Famous People
Famous Plays
Espen Eckbo
Papp & Rakk (tv series)
Kubisten (short)
Rikets rost (tv series)
Roy Khan
Karma (2001)
Ghost Opera (2007)
Ane Brun
"Do You Remember" (2011)
Balloon Ranger
Bjorn Eidsvag
Inn for Landing (1976)
Bakerste Benk (1978)
Geilo Ice Music Festival
Each February, musicians brave Norway's interior and wrap their lips and hands around carved blocks of ice for the worlds only ice festival.
An annual international street festival established in 2001 with a focus exclusively on street art since 2005.
Bergen International Film Festival
One of the leading Film Festival in Norway, presenting about 120 films from all over the world.
David Edgar
The Life and Adventure's of Nicholas Nickleby.
(8 and a half hours)
A time to Keep
by: Stephanie Dale and David Edgar
Our Own People (2 scenes and 2 acts)
Henrik Ibsen
born on March 20th 1906
He wrote:
A Doll's House
The Wild Duck
Ludvig Holberg
considered the founder of modern Danish and Norwegian literature
best known for his comedies
Holberg's work is about natural & common law widely read by mainly Danish Law students for over 200 years
Oslo Opera House
sweeping urban renewal project in the waterfront
Bjorvika area of Oslo.
National Theater
one of Norway's largest and most prominent venues for performance of dramatic arts.
first performance on September
1, 1899.
Christiania Theater
Also "Kristiania" was Norway's finest stage for the spoken drama between October 4, 1836 - September 1, 1899.
Located on central Christiania in Norwway
Works Cited
Peer Gynt
5-act play in verse by Norwegian dramatist Henrik Ibsen
Most widely preformed norwegian play
based on procrastination and avoidance
A Doll's House
Det Nye Theater
3-act play by Henrik Ibsen
known for its critical attitude towards 19th century marriage norms
preformed on December 21, 1879
An Enemy of the People
Ibsen wrote it in response to the public outcry against his play Ghosts, which at that time was considered scandalous.
The Pretenders
opened at the old Christania Theater on the 19th of January 1864
revolves around the historical conflict between Norwegian King Håkon Håkonsson and his father-in-law; Earl Skule Bårdsson.
theatre that opened in Oslo in 1929, and ended as an independent theatre in 1959
merged with Folketeatret to form Oslo Nye Teater
Sami Easter Festivsl
Up close and personal with reindeer
whole array of activities that showcase Sami life and culture
Reindeer racing World Cup
The Sami Film Festival (held in an ice-cinema)
Also known as:
Sami Grand Prix
Children's festival
The Ice Musical Festival...
debut in 2002 with the play "MORE"
received many awards including the Ibsen award
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