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Global Warming

No description

Shannon Cross

on 1 May 2015

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Transcript of Global Warming

Global Warming
by Alex and Robert
Co2 traps heat in the Earth's atmosphere.
How does global warming work?
Carbon Dioxide, Nitrous Dioxide, and Methane
are causing global warming.
Global warming can melt ice caps and places like Florida can be submerged.
Why does it matter?
What is global warming ?
Global warming is the warming up of earth.
The human race will die if this keeps
Smoke and Co2 are one of the causes of global warming.
What is causing global warming?
What can we do to help
Brain Pop
THE END!!!!!!!!!!
Stop Global Warming!!!
bike and walk.
use less electricity
clean our property
plant more trees
Any questions or comments?
Were do these chemicals
come from?
These chemicals come from factories, cars,
trucks, and busses.
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