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Peebles High School

No description

on 19 September 2013

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Transcript of Peebles High School

Peebles High School
Our Team
How we represent
our school
Improving careers advice
Giving advice earlier

Using sixth years' experience to help fourth and fifth years

First hand advice from professionals

Closing the gap between senior and junior school

Creating an expectation of inclusion


Continuing traditions

Bringing our school closer together
Getting everyone involved
Encouraging out of school activities

Mixing year groups in certain events

Senior Student Council
12 members

Meeting weekly

Discuss issues and lead committees
Hannah MacDonald
Sam Mathews
Charlotte Walbaum
Representatives from each year group for each house

Invited to Senior Student Council meetings

House and Vice Captains for each house sit on this council
Pupil Council
Lewis Tait
Group of 31

Perform duties around the school

Help younger students
School Pride
People are proud of our school
We want a shared belief that Peebles is one of the best schools in Scotland
We want people to be proud to be recognised as members of the PHS community
Celebrate our achievements (hall of heroes)
Respect within our school, and for our school
Focusing on the future
Recently introduced blazers to the school
They are to improve the school uniform.
Want to introduce a braiding system where for any high achievements a person earns a coloured braid sown onto their cuff.
Different achievements recieve different colours
All of the sewing would be done within the school to raise funds for the school
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