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Edmodo in the Classroom

24 hour access to your students! :)24 hour access to their teacher! :|

Chris Skrzypchak

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Edmodo in the Classroom

What is Edmodo?
Edmodo is the fastest growing K12 social learning network in the world.
Think Facebook for just your classroom!
SO WHAT! I don't like Facebook. I don't even have a Facebook account!
Well, your students love Facebook and social networking, and it is exciting to them. Why not take something that excites students and use it to educate them?

PLUS - It's a safe and secure environment.
OK, I'm interested. Tell me more.
Benefits of using Edmodo
Teaches 21st Century Skills
Allows for Anytime/Anywhere Learning
Allows for more student participation

Creates a Library of all your files in one easy to access place.
Offers students a means to access and turn in work electronically.
Which means no more excuses of where, how, or why they "lost" their homework.
Gives teachers a place to:
interact with co-workers,
provide support, and
share ideas of "what works".

Who is using Edmodo?
Just how popular is it, if I have never heard of it?
As of November 2013, Edmodo was being used by more than 29,000,000 students and teachers
and now boasts usage by over 180,000 schools in 190 countries!
OK, so tell me how it works in my classroom!
Language Arts/Reading
Lit Circles - Continue or begin the discussion outside of class
Teach proper digital netiquette - how to respond and act appropriately in a blog/chat.
ALL classrooms can use Edmodo to:
Create groups to allow students to collaborate and communicate outside of class using the Direct Message "DM" feature.
Eliminate the homework page on your website!
Allow students to have "almost instant" access to you for questions on homework outside of school.
Place all your class documents in the Edmodo Library.
Allow students to turn in all work electronically.

Edmodo is a collaboration tool!
For Teachers
Edmodo enables us to collaborate in a safe and secure online environment about what is working and not working in our classrooms.
Edmodo allows you to give and receive feedback from your peers.
Edmodo enables you to connect to other Math, LA, Social Studies, and Science teachers from around the country.
Edmodo keeps us connected 24/7.
Ideas for using the Edmodo Library as a Collaborative Tool
Share the latest assessment data with the entire school.
Share a set of rubrics or project templates with your class.
Share an entire unit’s worth of digital handouts with your department.
Share a set of professional development videos with your team.
Share the links to every website subscription in your school's library.
Share the learning objectives and just-in-time resources to teach those learning objectives across your district.
Don't take my word for it!
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