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Creating Meaning: James Dean & Audrey Hepbun

analyzing how meaning is created in the song "If I'm James Dean, then You're Audrey Hepburn" by Sleeping Wish Sirens

Jenn Parra

on 23 September 2012

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Transcript of Creating Meaning: James Dean & Audrey Hepbun

Analysis of the song "If I'm James Dean, then you're Audrey Hepburn" by Sleeping with Sirens How is meaning created? the Writer,
the Singer
the Listener Meaning
is a
collaborative effort
between... The Writer(s): Kellin Quinn The Singer: Sleeping With Sirens in their debut album Sleeping With Sirens Released the song
"If I'm James Dean, the you're Audrey Hepburn" in 2010 The song is a love ballad written
about a girl. They used typical
devices including a rime scheme
and refrains modeled after a
ballad stanza At the time they wrote the song,
they were just on the brink of fame.
They had to write lyrics that set
them apart from other bands
emerging on the scene
at the same time. They followed the Pragmatic rule that allowed their
music to be influenced by the underground music
culture, and relationships Since they were just beginning to be famous, the
writers not only wrote about a new relationship,
but they wrote it in a way that would capture
the audience's attention.

They had to write hard-hitting lyrics
since they were still trying to prove
themselves as a good band. The writers created meaning by
writing about a specific experience
at that point in their life. The singing is also complimented by heavier music that punctuates the vocal inflections. The music is fast and staccato with pounding drums and piercing guitar riffs There is pure emotion in the song but with a hard exterior that beckons the attention of the listener. The Music: That's me on the left! The Listener: The Cover Song: James Dean & Audrey Hepbun Sleeping With Sirens "I fell in LOVE from the moment we KISSED..." "Since then we've been history..." The singing in the original song is fast with an upbeat tempo. He sings certain parts but screams other parts that are more important. He has a raw unconcealed emotion to his voice that has a lot of meaning. Kellin: Vocals When I listen to the original song, I can
hear the singer showing off with his
elaborate screaming. I can almost
feel the unconcealed emotion in his
voice. The vocals along with the
hard-hitting music always gets
me pumped up! "They say that love is FOREVER..." "Your Forever is all that I need" Lyrics like... "Stay...for tonight... If you want to,
I can show you, What my DREAMS are made of..." He is singing to a girl, trying to get her attention by impressing her with his voice. . . "It goes to show,
I hope that you know
That you are,
What my dreams are made of. . ." "I'll fall in love, You'll fall in love This could mean EVERYTHING! Everything to me. . ." The singer is trying to prove himself to someone, perhaps the new girl he's fallen in love with or his fans. The way he sings with so much thick emotion could signify that he is trying hard to make an impression since fame and his relationship is still so new to him. Meaning created by the singer The music and sound seem to be the objective of the singer in the original version of the song since there are so many changes in music tempo and vocal changes like singing to screaming and back again. That means two years and two albums later The cover song was released in 2012... The Original Song: "If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn" Sleeping With Sirens Writers: Both versions of the song were written by the same people: Sleeping With Sirens So the lyrics have the same meaning because they were not altered with the release of the cover song. Although the cover song was performed by the original singer, there are great differences and altering meaning between the two songs Singer: Kellin Quinn This version of the song is a lot slower with more heartfelt singing than the original. An acoustic guitar is the main instrument in the cover whereas there were more instruments in the original. The vocals seem to be the focus in the cover instead of the music played around it. The quiet and loving way Kellin sings this version of
the song seems like he is singing to the same girl as
before-but in a different way. Instead of trying to impress
her, he is now reminding her of his undying love for her. Meaning created by singer: The cover song was much more of a love song than the original had been because I mostly focused on the lyrics instead of the upbeat music like in the original song. The Listener: The meaning created by the singer in the cover song is much different than in the original. The singer no longer feels the need to be loud in order to make an impression on this girl because he is sure of her affection toward him and her of his. The band as a whole has already released two full length albums and do not have to prove themselves to their fans. This is perhaps
the reason why this song sounds so
relaxed with a lot of heart. Context: The listener is important in creating meaning because we interpret what the lyrics and the way they are played mean to us. The singer is important because the feeling with which he sings gives meaning. The words he emphasizes are probably the most important lyrics in the song. The writer wrote the original song because of an event in his life so there is some meaning in the wording or lyrics of the song that are important to the writer Hearing a song can trigger a certain type of emotion based on the time in the person’s life when they heard the song. For example, the original song reminds me of a time when I was dating a guy that I really liked and I knew that he was the right person for me Environment: We could bring in our own demographics to formulate a meaning to the song based on the lyrics and the music alike. As my fiance and I were preparing to get our engagement pictures taken, this song came to mind because it seemed to fit so well with our own love story The meaning created by the listener is based
on on context as well as environmental factors. Meaning Created by the Listener: When Kellin performed the song he was just falling head over heels for so he had a lot of raw emotion, and it probably didn’t help that he was a lot younger and probably felt like he had to prove himself to her somehow. In the cover, Kellin was already engaged to the girl he had fallen in love with and they were expecting their new baby so he was definitely a lot more happy singing
this song to his fiancée. Context: The original song always reminded me of a young and head-strong love, but this song makes me feel warm inside because it is more of a whispered proclamation of love. The cover song is much more intimate than the original. This version means so much more to me because we are going to have this be our first dance song at our wedding in July. Environmental: The original song is upbeat with powerful lyrics and singing that is forced because the singer is trying to make a good first impression. Meaning Created in Both Versions: "Can't promise that things won't be broken,
But I swear that I will never leave. . ." "Please stay FOREVER with me!" Since the writer and listener were the same for both the original song and the cover, I think it is safe to say that the singer/performers where the most influential in creating meaning within the two versions of this song. Who's part is most influential in creating meaning? "As I'm dreaming of your face" Singer Kellin Quinn and now-wife Katelynn Quinn "Please stay forever with me. . ." The cover song is much slower and far more heart-felt like the singer is trying
to reinstate the love he has for a
girl through a slow melodic
conveyance of his
message. Original song: "If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn" by Sleeping With Sirens
Cover Song: "James Dean & Audrey Hepburn" by Sleeping With Sirens Thank You For Watching! Jennifer Parra We will be analyzing how meaning is created in two versions of the same song- the original "If I'm James Dean, Then You're Audrey Hepburn" and the cover "James Dean & Audrey Hepburn". The original song was released in 2010 and the cover in 2012. Let's get started!
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