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How to play pac-man


Trevon Brazile

on 13 May 2011

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Transcript of How to play pac-man

Pac-man (one of the best games ever made!) The number one rule is stay away from the ghosts The second to eat all of the dots There are bonuses on the game they differ on each level the first level is cherries They look like this The big blinking dots makes the ghosts turn blue and you eat them. When you catch one you get 200points When you catch two you get 400 points Three you get 800 points and all four you get 1600 points. (it doulbles everytime) You have three lives! Binky the red ghost is your main enemy he will follow and catch you if you let him Clyde the orange ghost is the least dangerous, he will often wonder around randomly The blue ghost is Inky he'll sometimes back off if you face him. Sometimes The pinky ghost is Pinky, she will make a straight charge toward you. There are 255 levels that you can play The 256th level is not playable it is only half of board It looks like this Here are some interesting pictres I found
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