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How humans impact the four spheres.

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Kevin Hin

on 10 October 2017

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Transcript of How humans impact the four spheres.

How humans impact the four spheres.
Ozone Layer
We are rapidly depleting the ozone layer which is causing less ozone so more harmful sun radiation coming through harming us.
Acid Rain

Living organism
Hydrosphere citation.
Lithosphere and Biosphere citations
Fossil fuel burning and deforestation are the main reasons we have a high amount of green house gases.
Carbon dioxide and methane greenhouse gases are the two main contributors to the green house gas affect which is what is causing global warming.
While we mine to benefit ourselves and our creations we are really damaging the lithosphere. We mine to get natural resources such as fuels (like fossil fuels) and metallic ores for metals. Fossil fuels are a nonrenewable resource and currently if we keep on the rate of the fossil fuel we use by 2052 (of the known resources).
Pollution can effect entire ecosystems
Most pollution comes from human and industrial waste.
The biosphere is made up of every living thing on earth.
The biosphere consist of the lithosphere, hydrosphere and atmosphere.
Pollution in the biosphere
Overuse of water
Fertilizer runoff can cause Eutrophication.
The fertilizer can lead to excess plant growth and traces of toxic elements.
The biosphere is polluted from trash and other waste.
The pollution is affecting animals and all wild life.
The pollution in in the biosphere can and is affecting humans.
There is only one positive of farming and that is we feed humans and other animals. A negative is that when we farm we put pesticides and other chemicals into the ground water and it also goes into the dirt and underground animals homes.
Non-Potable Water
Industries pollute the water and make it Non-Potable
Deforestation is taking away homes for animals and is also effecting the atmosphere.
Humans use the trees for many things in their daily lives.
People and Industries pollute the water and turn it into Non-Potable, which is not appropriate for human consumption
We can fix this problem by not dumping pollutants into water or filtering the water
The biosphere is helped by things that we do as human. Green house and recycling are things that improve and help the biosphere.
Overuse of water effects people and animals

We could stop using CFC all together and help prevent farther damage all together to the ozone layer because otherwise the ozone will deplete and we will have to adjust again.
You also have to make sure you are fully protected from UV radiation by reapplying sunscreen and having good sunglasses.
Global Warming
Global warming is the main contributor to the climate change.
Atmosphere Citation Websites
Air pollution
There are so much pollution in the atmosphere that are causing breathing difficulties.
We are leaving a big carbon footprint mainly from car exhaust, and industrial emissions that we could prevent by using different sources of energy.

There are dust particles that have a small particle size will irritate eyes making
We have corrupt the lithosphere so much we can't save it completely unless we stop what we do. We can slow down the process though by minimizing the garbage, mining and chemicals we put in the ground.
When we throw out garbage a common way we throw it out is by putting it in land fills which when it goes into the ground it ends up contaminating the soil, and it is irreversible.\
Acid rain dissolves helpful minerals and nutrients from the soil and releases toxic chemicals into the soil.
When we cut down trees it is called deforestation and when we do that the tree's roots will disappear and end up ruining the quality of the soil.
We can fix this by driving electric cars and not using as much fossil fuels
Breathing Difficulties
With our air pollution we cause breathing difficulties and respiratory diseases.
This pollution is causing asthma and other respiratory diseases
Usually put in land fills.
Contaminates soil
Is irreversible.
Benefits ourselves
Damages lithosphere
Gets natural resources fuels (fossil fuels), metallic ores for metals.
We feed ourselves.
Pesticides and other chemicals go into the water and dirt.
Deforestation, when we cut down trees.
Ruins the quality of the soil.
Corrupts the lithosphere.
Can't save it completely.
We can slow down the process.
Air pollution will also cause cancers.
Particles carry though the air and dust particles isn't even the problem one. The wind will carry dangerous material like pesticides and chemicals.
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