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Full Tilt Prezi

8th grade summer reading project

Kayla Licata

on 22 August 2013

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Transcript of Full Tilt Prezi

Full Tilt
Main Characters
Blake: a responsible and intelligent 16 year old with the weight on his shoulders to survive 7 deadly rides before dawn to save his brother and friends.
It all started when Blake, Quinn, Maggie and Russ 'died' on the Kamikaze. Afterwards, Cassandra approaches him with an invitation to an amusement park starting at midnight.
I didn't know if I was more taken or terrified by her.
"Who are you?" ...
"Who am I? The sum of your dreams; the thrills you refuse to grasp; the unknown you fear." ...
"If this amusement park were flesh, then you could say I'm its soul." ...
"The spirit of adventure."
Personal Response
While reading this novel I was thrilled to know what would happen next. It was nearly impossible to put the book down.
Full Tilt
By Neal Shusterman
Prezi by: Kayla Licata
Time: Midnight - Dawn
Place: A phantom amusement park
Era: 21st century (present)
Mood: The author creates a mysterious and suspenseful mood full of secrecy
"She knows me! She knows every move I'll make and every direction I'll turn...To outsmart Cassandra, I needed to become a master of wild, unpredictable behavior."
This quote represents the ironic tone in this novel. The constant suspense and actions for survival.
Cassandra: the soul of the carnival and the antagonist of this novel. She follows Blake on every ride and knows all of his worst fears.
Quinn: a very reckless and daring teenager. He was the first one to head into the carnival, forcing Blake, Maggie and Russ to save him.
Maggie and Russ: they tag along with Blake into a frightening experience. They were petrified when they encounter the rides that reveal their worst nightmares.
I made a connection with Blake because I can relate to his frustrations in having to fix his younger brothers' mistakes.
The larger message that I took from this novel is to never give up.
The theme of Full Tilt is to face your fears because they can't haunt you forever if you're brave and stand up to it.
The End
This quote is significant because Blake finally finds out who Cassandra really is and her job is to capture everyone's soul who enters the park.
Internal: Blake is trying to overcome a tragic memory.
External: Blake has to beat all 7 rides before dawn, and avoid getting killed by Cassandra.
Cassandra makes a deal with him that he can take back Quinn, Russ, and Maggie's soul with him if he finishes an 8th ride.
Blake is the first person to make it out of the carnival alive. This destroys Cassandra and the amusement park.
Blake, Maggie and Russ go to the park to get Quinn out. Later, they realize that to get out you have to survive 7 deadly rides.
Ride 5: Roller Coaster
Japanese airplanes
Ride 6: The Wheel of Ra
Ancient Egypt
Ride 7: Tilt-a-Whirl
Video game spaceship
Ride 8: Teacups
School bus accident
Blake completes all 8 rides and saves himself, Quinn, Maggie, and Russ. It ultimately destroys Cassandra and the amusement park.
Once, Blake and Quinn arrive home, Quinn goes to the carnival. Blake finds him in coma and sees the park in his eyes.
Ride 1: Carousel
Ride 2: Bumper Cars
Chicago-like city with real cars
Ride 3: Boat ride
Moby Dick themed
Ride 4: The Hall of Mirrors
Distorting mirrors (internal and external)
Quinn is King Tut who is destined to die in this ride and as usual Blake saves his butt.
The genre of full tilt is adventure and science fiction.
In the phantom amusement park each ride looks normal but once you get on, the ride transforms into something completely different.
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