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Dog Cafe - Team 5

No description

Assignment 3

on 6 June 2014

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Transcript of Dog Cafe - Team 5

- Dog Cafe -

Venture Team
Kunwoo Kim:
Store Manager
Chaim Reyno:
Market Research, Web Developer
Tian Tan:
Public Relations, Advertising & Design
Jeetendra Ashwin:
Human Resource

Additional recruitment:
Dog trainer
Passionate dog loving café staff

Financial Analysis
Methods of raising funds
Value Proposition
Customer Needs:
Desire to play with dogs when owning one is not ideal
A place to hang out
Market Definition
Market Share
Business Model
Market Strategy
Customers - How & Why
No known NZ dog cafés so no direct competitors
Other cafés due to selling beverages
Pet stores who allow dog interactions but for selling purposes
Dog café can be seen as a form of entertainment
Bowling, laser strike and rock climbing

Startup Funds Required

How customers buy
Package includes drinks and treats
Additional drinks & treats can be bought

A place for family bonding
Parents can drink & relax while kids play with dogs

A novel place for youth to hang out
Low commitment fun

Dog lovers
Can play with dogs they may not have seen before
Those who lack time, money or other reasons for not owning a dog can play with dogs here

Enter into Albany Westfield

Initial Advertising
Build hype with Social Media
PR Coverage e.g. Breakfast, Campbell Live
Deal sites

Future Advertising
Team 5
Customers buy a package upon entry consisting of drinks and treats
$10 and upwards
Dog Cafe treats for home use
Possibility of selling dog care products in future through partnering
Venture incorporates 2 market sectors: Café & Entertainment
Lucrative markets so plenty of room for growth & potential
Auckland region
Young Families aged 0-35, Youth aged 0-19 & Young Adults 20-30
Dog Lovers

11 - 4pm: 5 c/hr
4 - 8pm: 15 c/hr
130 c/day

11 - 8pm: 15 c/hr
135 c/day

Average: 131.4 c/day
131.4 X 354 =
Market Share of 46,525 customers
Require $88,510 to break even

Breakeven Projection
Dog Cafe creates a completely new experience by incorporating dogs into the setting of a cafe where people and dogs are able to interact.

We aim to provide customers with the next best alternative to owning a dog, if not a better experience.
Promixity and degree of similarity of the local competition will be determinant in leased area
Expand into other Westfields and malls
Product development through Cat Cafe
Short Term
Leasing property
Short-term bank loans for fund
Future Revenue Projection
Market Size
Cafe will seat max 40 people. Assuming 70% capacity.
28 customers per hour
9 hours per day
252 customers per day
354 working days

Market Size of 89,208 customers
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