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The War: 1861-1865

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able can

on 25 June 2015

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Transcript of The War: 1861-1865

The War: 1861-1865
Stakes in the Gamble: North & South
Population Supremacy
The War
The Leadership
Britain and Civil War
The break-up of the USA will serve the long-term Interest;
The End of the War
The Big Picture
3. The Leadership
1. The Stakes: North & South
2. The War
4. Diplomacy
5. The End
The Union
The Confederacy
11 states
Rest of the states
22 million people
5.5 million white
Jefferson Davis
Abraham Lincoln
A Hopeless War?
A Reckless War?
The North
The South
Naval Supremacy
Industry Supremacy
Huge Territories
Defence Position
High Morale
Better Soldiers
Aspects of the War
The Scale of the War
2.1 Million Soldier
The Strategy
The North
The Timeline
1. 1861-1862: A Quick Victory for the North?
The War's Main Theaters
1. Between Washington and Richmond
The South
Expect Foreign Interventions
Exhaust the North
Capture Richmond
Naval Blockade
Exhaust the South
"Scorched Earth"
All-Out Attack
"The First Modern War"?
0.9 Million Soldier
365,000 Dead
260,000 Dead
Railway, Telegraph, Rifle-Musket, Ironclad Warship
2. Between Appalachians and the Mississppi
2. 1862-1863: South's Overwhelming Success?
3. 1864-1865: Grant's 'Simultaneous Movement All Along the Line' and Final Victory
Jefferson Davis
Abraham Lincoln
Meddling and Incompetence
Few Administrative experience
Easy Task
Man-Management Skills
Bad Relations with colleagues
Britain's Stakes
For the Confederacy
For the Union
The South was bullied and had the excuse to call for intervention
The loss of Canada
Market and Investment in the North
Slavery has moral problems
Difficulties to fight an oversea war
Britain would stay neutral, and other European Nations followed.
Factors that Led to the End of the War:
The Confederacy cannot afford the loss, even when they were winning;
Lincoln was re-elected as president in 1864, determining to continue with the war;
The Union Army under General Grant, was winning back and capturing Richmond;
The War ended in May, 1865.
The Next:
What to do with the Southern Elites?
What to do with the Slaves?
The Strategy
The Scale
The Theater
The Timeline
The Pictures
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