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Dunkirk Evacuation (1940)

Main topics and key events during the Dunkirk Evacuation.

Amy L

on 25 November 2012

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Transcript of Dunkirk Evacuation (1940)

Dunkirk Evacuation (1940) Evacuation at Dunkirk How Could Hitler Let This Happen France Surrenders Britain's Response In conclusion, a short video of the Evacuation By: Amy Lu & Jennifer Hibbert May 27-June 4 1940 Germans captured 2500 cannons, 11, 000 machine guns, 64, 000 tanks, trucks and armored cars and 12, 000, 000 prisoners,
They evacuated the majority of their strong troops. The British Prime Minister, Winston Churchill called the Dunkirk Evacuation “A miracle of deliverance” The British troops supported the French troops, and prepared for the war
Hitler's German forces, swept across France, they went north around the Maginot Line - which separated the Allied troops and Germany on (May 1940). Allied defenses were caught off guard
338,000 French, Polish, Belgium, and Dutch were pushed back and retreated to the beach at Dunkirk on the English Channel.
Germans launched attacks at the soldiers on the beach
When the allied forces were pinned down, Hitler hesitated whether to finish the attack, the Allies used this brief pause to make a dramatic rescue They ended up using tugboats yacht, rafts and 222 navel vessels which the British and Canadian (Four Royal Navy) sent over the English Channel
They didn't have enough space for all the troops, therefore they were captured by the Germans
The others enjoyed themselves and treated it like a holiday.
In the end over 30, 000 allied troops were successfully evacuated. Maginot Line English Channel Tugboats & Yachts Winston Churchill Tanks Hitler was a ruthless leader who didn't care about the safety and well-being of people.
He took most of Europe quickly, and was the master of Northern Europe Pauses and reflects back, thought he got this too easily, and that there might be a surprise attack
He takes a few days to plan the next move
* BIG MISTAKE* when he realizes there was no surprise attack, and he becomes furious. Adolf Hitler Doesn't take long for France to surrender, less than a month after Dunkirk (June 25 1940) France officially surrenders.
Hitler doesn't occupy all of France, only in the northern and western France, including Paris (because it is near water).
Problem: When Germany takes over northern areas his troops have to go around it. Map of France Hitler installs a new government program “Vichy” in Southern France.
The Prime Minister Marshal Philippe Pètain's country became known as Vichy France. Map Of Vichy The puppet was controlled by Germany and did not help the allied war effort
There are people who resist Nazis and Vichy because of bombed roads, railways and become spies of the allies where they gather pieces of information
*HISTORICAL SIGNIFICANCE* After France falls, King went to parliament to go to war. Britain sends thousands of troops to defend France, (the only European country). Hitler's ultimate goal is to attack Britain, since he nearly controlled all of the Western Europe when France was at its fall.
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