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Types of menus and classification

No description

Alejandro Samaniego

on 25 July 2014

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Transcript of Types of menus and classification

Complete menu Simple menu
Types of Menus and Classification
Loose Menu Delivery
Cyclic menu

Wine list and brochure for table
Menu of slate/Menu Du Jour/chalkboards menus

A la Carte
Table d' hôte Static menu
Fixed-price menu
Study Case
By: Irina Ríos
Arline Vallejo
The types of menus are countless:
Menu of the day or House.
Childen´s Menu
Tasting Menu
Healthy Menu
Vegetarian Menu
Special “tapas” Menu
Special Menu based cold dishes
Menu regional
Typical Menu

Tryp Hotel by Windham

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Técnicas Culinarias - By Alfredo Gil Martínez. Página 112, capítulo 10, punto 1 Menú / 1.1 Tipos de menú.
Manual Didáctico de Cocina - Tomo Ii - By Jesús Camarero Tabera. Página 933, punto 20.4.1 Diferentes tipos de menús.
Asistencia de:
 Chef Yoisy Blades, Hotel TRYP by Wyndham Panamá Centro, Via Veneto, El Cangrejo Bellavista.

In a classical definition, the menu is the ordered structure or harmonic set of dishes that make up a meal, regardless of the time of consumption. From breakfast to dinner, the menu commands preparations according to the quantity and pre-set service sequence. It is applicable to all the field of nutrition and since it must be recovered, its selling price will take you from the simple to the most sophisticated.
In gastronomy, a menu represents the style of the establishment (French, Italian and oriental cuisine), the chef (cuisine, "the market" "spontaneous, creative and practical"), a trend (fusion, Light cuisine) or ethnic group (Mapuche, Navajo, Arabic), etc.
Since the menu is the basis on which each store buys, sells and gets profitability, move personal, informs the client, etc., generates a dynamic which can succeed or be a resounding failure, therefore this must be carefully planned.

This Management bars and restaurants report is intended to exhibit the basic concept of difference "type menu and menu Classification" and present it comprehensively.
The cuisine offers a number of dining options to choose from in a variety of colors, tastes, smells, tastes and traditions in general. That is why over time it has become necessary classification in a simple way so that it can be understood by diners, and this same need opened the door to what is now known as menu.
Each restaurant has a menu type that lists all the food available for diners. Menus can take different forms and designs according to the restaurant however, often find four basic types of menus.
The restaurant can provide separate menus for breakfast, lunch and dinner, or you can adjust the price of the dishes at certain times of day.

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