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No description

Lisa Lewis

on 7 April 2013

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Transcript of Infer

In English... At the movie theater Infer Definition: When I infer I'm forming an opinion that something is probably true because of the information that I have. Readers often have to infer about characters, settings, and events by recognizing and using details in the story. I can infer that something bad or dangerous is going to happen by the sound of the music. Objective We will be able to say, utilize and write the word infer in a sentence. VERB When I infer I'm _______ an ________ that something is _______ true because of the _____________ that I _______. In Math... If I know that an acute angle is less than 90 degrees, I can infer this angle is an acute angle because it is less than 90 degrees. Infer in-fer In Life.... You can infer things about people by their body language. What could you infer when Mr. Greene come into your classroom? I infer ________________ when Mr. Greene comes into the classroom because _____________. Trouble What can you infer when you see someone crying? I could infer _____________ because _________________. How well do
you know the word... Infer Infer or NOT infer *Reaching a conclusion about the plot based on text evidence. *Running the mile. *Figuring out the hypothesis on a Science project. *Buying new shoes. *Giving your friend a hug when they are crying. BFF forever!!! What can you infer about Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Chang? Good News detention referral
bathroom relieve *Studying hard for a test instead of going to the mall. inferred inferring inference infers Infer Video Read between the lines Predict Make logical guess Infer Created by Mrs. Lewis and Mrs. Chang Book Detective
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