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Roles in Energy Transfer

Module D: Unit 1: Lesson 2

David Griess

on 3 March 2016

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Transcript of Roles in Energy Transfer

also called an ____________
uses _________________ to make _______
most use _____________________ to make food
all ________________ ________________ are producers
the food that producers make ________________ energy for the other ________________ _______________________ of the ecosystem.
a ______________ in which producers use the ___________ energy to make food
an _____________________ that gets energy and _________________ by breaking down the _______________________________________________
also called nature's __________________________
an __________________ that _________________________________________
they use energy stored in other _____________ ____________________ because they cannot _______________________________________________
3 types of consumers
eats both plants and animals
Eats other animals
badger or wolf
eats only plants
some energy is used for the organisms _____________________
some energy is ____________________________________
if the organism is eaten, the ___________________ or _______________________________ that eats the organism takes in the energy stored in the _______________ ___________________
food chain
the ________ of energy transfer from ____________________ to _________________________
energy moves in only ____________ _______________
_________________________ represent the transfer of energy from one organism to another.
food web
the feeding relationship among __________________in an ecosystem
________________________ form the base of the food web
__________________ _____________________ form the top of the food web
Congratulations: You found the hidden task.
Task: Watch this video. At the end of the video it says, "The lioness on the other hand is dealt a more serious blow." That means she has had a more serious negative thing happen to her. Using what you have learned in this lesson, explain what "serious blow" the lioness has to deal with.
Congratulations: You found the hidden word!
The word is AUTOTROPH. Give the definition of autotroph and list a few examples of autotrophs.
Congratulations: You found the hidden picture.
What is this "redneck food chain" trying to say?
Congratulations: You found the hidden question. Is a venus fly trap a producer or consumer? Turn in the correct answer to collect your prize.
Hidden Activity: In this Prezi there are 3 hidden activities. Be the first to find and complete the hidden activity to win the reward. Turn in your activity by emailing it to Mr. Griess. Have fun!
Below are 3 videos about food webs. The video on top is the most simple. The video on the bottom is the most complicated. The video in the middle is kind of . . . in the middle. Watch at least on of them, please.
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