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War on the British home front

No description

selah pelley

on 21 May 2014

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Transcript of War on the British home front

War on the British home front
The evacuated all the children to save all of them from being bombed they called it operation pied piper.
why were children evacuated from Britain in the 1940's?

Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and United States
Which countries offered to accept evacuees?
Moving a large number of children was not part of the plan. But when over seas countries offered said yes because they thought it would be safer over seas they also thought it would reused the numbers being fed in brighten.
Why did the British public support overseas evacuation?
they changed their minds after realizing that the passenger ships were needed to move troops, internees and prisoners. A warships couldn't be spared because they were needed to defend Britain's seas and shores against invasions.
What caused the government to chang its mind and discontinue the oversees evacuation policy?
3.9 billion people were evacuated in only 3 days.
how many people were evacuated or sent overseas from Britain or its colonies during world word 2?
38 million gas masks were handed out by september. They were past out house to house in a cardbored box, to portect the people from gas boms, witch could be dropped during air raids.
By September of 1939, who had gas masks in Britain? why?
A internee is a persone that is confined as a prisoner especially for political or military reasons.
what it ment by the turm ''internee'' ?
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