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Idea generation & selection

No description

Tunde Szentes

on 13 August 2013

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Transcript of Idea generation & selection

Beth, a clever girl, needs to find a way
because she would like to accumulate
(working) experience
in economics field.
Make a giant banner and put it on a block of flat

Find a job in a bank
Post her CV in bus stations

Create a newspaper ad
Talk to ex-teachers/instructors to see if they have any suggestions

Be a trainee
Be a volunteer

Send her CV to all of companies in the county

Talk to relatives, maybe they have relations in economic field

Praying hard
Apply for jobs online

Start a private enterprise and employ an experienced accountant, to teach the basics
22 years old
BA degree in economics field in 2013
Living in a small village in the middle of Transylvania, Romania
She is looking for her first job in lack of experience

Meet people

Marry with an accountant

Bribe someone to get a job

Write a blog about her economic interests and experiences

Go to conferences and build the professional network
Join and be active on Linkedin

Apply for an internship abroad

Subscribe to appropriate Facebook Groups
Talk to ex-classmates, how they began this way

Move in a big city

Have a positive attitude

Find a mentor

Be more open-minded

Read economics themed newspapers and blogs

Try to reach private enterprises in the village

Found an association, where the main activity would be to teach students with no experience
Create a new friend circle, where everybody is interested in economics and start to organize meetings to learn from each other

Get a master degree
Build a creative CV

Talk with everybody about economics - doctor, gardener, hair stylist, etc.
Drop a line to the local companies, if they need any help

Make a T-shirt with creative description
Subscribe to free online courses

Watch videos/movies in economic theme
Write economics themed articles on the local newspaper

Look for help in social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), make creative posts
Create an AdWords campaign with her needs and goals

Organize an economics themed flash-mob in her region
Make flyers and distribute them in the county’s cities

Create an online social platform for those who work in economics field

Write e-mails for the companies, where she would like to work

Go out on the street with a loudspeaker and tell people that she is looking for job

Pay an ad in the local radio
Go to a job fair

Make a funny video clip about her interests and goals and put it on Youtube
Make a local drama (theater) with her life story and her goals

Be invisible and go everyday to an accountant’s office to learn, and steal her/his workflow

Make an accountant to be her best friend, thus the accountant will help her and will give her advices and maybe with her help Beth will find a job

THE MOST PRACTICAL IDEA: Apply for jobs online
THE MOST DISRUPTIVE IDEA: Make a giant banner and
put it on a block of flat (banner content: looking for job or looking for accumulate experience)
MY FAVORITE IDEA: Marry with an accountant
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