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Working with Clay

Introduction to clay basics and hand-building techniques. The presentation is designed for upper elementary students.

Laura Toney

on 21 April 2013

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Transcript of Working with Clay

Methods by Laura Toney There are
2 main processes for
making vessels

from clay. (plates,bowls,cups,vases) throwing hand-building throwing uses a
potter's wheel hand-building pinch uses simple tools Pinch pots
are small
and can be
very simple ... or detailed. There are
methods that we use. 3 3 The vessel is shaped by
the artist while the
wheel is turning. 2 1 coil slab Score
Slip Don't Forget! You
both pieces
of clay that you are putting
together. This forms the bond
that "glues" your pieces . must score and slip (scratch and wet) Short demonstration videos of each method
are available at the end of this presentation. See how it is done! pinch coil slab The coils can be used to create a pattern on the surface of the vessel or blended to create a smooth surface. Shapes are cut from the clay and shaped or joined. VA4PR.3 Understands and applies media, techniques, and processes of three-dimensional works of art (ceramics, sculpture, crafts, and mixed-media) using tools and materials in a safe and appropriate manner to develop skills.

b. Creates ceramic objects using hand-building methods (e.g., pinch, coil, slab,) clay processing techniques (e.g., wedge, score and slip) and surface design (e.g., stamping, relief carving, glazing, burnishing) Hover over the video with your cursor and click on the arrow at the bottom to view.
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