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Customer Value

new template

Lidija Mironova

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of Customer Value

And one more thing... Subject 3 Subject 3 How to measure
value? Background description Purpose Problem Formulation Delimitation Customer Profitability Revenues Manufacturing costs Costs to serve Customer-specific
overheads Advantages • Customer dependency •Balance between customer retention
and customer acquisition activities •Payback period to customers acquisition Limitations Historical data Profitability of unprofitable customers Financial value Customer Lifetime
Value Customer Equity Granularity Why Customer Lifetime Value...? •Acquisition
•Return on investment
•Customer retention
•Single-customer profitability Customer Lifetime Value calculation Advantages & Limitations Four components of customer equity Advantages & Limitations Forecasting Data
CRM system
Cross-selling Forecasting accuracy
Potential calculations Relational Value Theory Applicability Conclusion Total value of Customer Relationship Learning goals Time for discussion... Improvements...? Was it useful...? ...??? Starting point
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