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Introduction to Advanced College Writing

No description

Jason Cowan

on 1 January 2015

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Transcript of Introduction to Advanced College Writing

Course Overview
10-12 Course Paper Project
ENGL 112
Advanced College Writing
“An argument can be any text-written, spoken, or visual-that expresses a point of view” (Lunsford 5).
Structures of Arguments
Chapter 1, 5
and 7
Strategies of Arguments: Chapters 16-20
Style in Arguments: Chapters 2-4,6,13,14
Independent Argument: Chapters 8-12, 21
Issues:Chapters 22,24,26,27
Short Arguments
The Toulmin Model
Academic Writing
Evaluating Information
Fallacies in Arguments
Ethics in Argument
Presenting Solutions
Ethos, Pathos, Logos
Rhetorical Analysis
Visual Presentation
Food and Water
Trust me,
I’m a
Class Discussion/Response
Response Journal
Compose a response to Rosen’s argument that meets these criteria:
Include a reference to the author
Include MLA in-text citation
Include a blending of direct quotation and paraphrasing
One sentence and one sentence only
Discussion Board #1-Course Introduction
Compose a 300-400 word argument which is directly supported by not only your own writing, but a supporting argument from a reputable/reliable outside source.
Incorporate information from your source according to MLA standards detailed in the textbook.
Submit your argument on Blackboard
Writing Assignment
We will become a society of a million pictures without much memory, a society that looks forward every second to an immediate replication of what it has just done, but one that does not sustain the difficult task of transmitting culture from one generation to the next.
Christine Rosen, “The Image Culture”
Romantic love is a fleeting basis for relationships, and marriages should return to being arranged.

All citizens should be required by law to vote and pay election taxes in order to ensure all people are represented equally.

High school graduates should be compelled to spend two years pursuing community service projects or serving in the military to increase maturity before entering college.

Support or refute one of the following statements.
Spring 2015

The point of argument is to use evidence and reason to discover some version of the truth.
Persuasive writing seeks to change the audience's opinions with reasoning and other rhetorical styles.
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