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Music Assignment: Drum Kit

No description

Justin Kelley

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Music Assignment: Drum Kit

The Drum Kit Instruments of the Drum Kit The Snare Drum The snare drum is the main drum of the drum kit and is played using 2 wooden sticks and it's sound can be changed from a rattling to a normal drum sound by turning on or off the snare, which rattles on the skin, when the drum is hit. The High Hat The Bass Drum The bass drum is played by using a pedal (which is attached to the drum), when you press your foot onto the pedal a hammer hits the drum. The Crash Cymbal The Ride Cymbal The Tom-Toms The floor Tom Where did the drum kit originate from and how it evolved? How the notes are played and the pitch is changed? The drummer makes sounds by playing with two sticks on different parts of the drum kit differently. The drum kit is a non-tuned instrument and doesn't have notes like A,B etc..., instead the notes are named by which part of the drum kit is played. The range of notes available depends on the size of the drum kit. The high hat is a cymbal and it has a pedal to control if the two cymbals join together or stay apart. The crash cymbal is louder then the ride cymbal, but it's smaller then the ride cymbal. This cymbal is larger then the crash cymbal, so it can have a longer vibration. By Justin Kelley Where is the Drum Kit played at? The drum kit is played in many places, there is at least a beat in every type of band and in most bands it is a drum kit and the drum kit is rarely played in orchestras. The drum kit is what mostly keeps the whole band in beat and usually has the most important role in the band. There are 3 tom-tom drums in a drum kit, all of them have a low bass sound and from left to right the sound gets lower. The tom-toms are the first two of these types of drums. The floor tom is the last and the largest of the tom drums, it's also the lowest. What is the Timpani? The timpani is a large drum and the kit is usually made out of 3 drums, it's untuned and was first made in the Medieval ages. The timpani plays in orchestras. Bibliography By Justin Kelley The end Sven Krucken, viewed on the 10/8/12, The symphony orchestra and it's instruments, published by Tiger Books International PLC, 1997, in Twickenham

The ultimate encyclopedia of musical instruments, viewed on the 17/8/12, published in 1996. Drum Kit, viewed on the 24/8/12
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Drum_kit What is the drum kit? The drum kit isn't just one instrument, but a collection of drums and cymbals played by a drummer. The average drum kit contains a snare drum, a bass drum, a high hat, the tom-toms, the floor tom and the crash and ride cymbals. The modern drum kit originated from the timpani and was first made in America in the 1930s in the Vaudeville era. In the orchestra and military, the snare drum, the bass drum and cymbals were all played separately by one musian with hand-held drum sticks. During WW1 drum kits consisted of a bass drum surrounded by a verity of percussion instruments and by the 1930s the drum kit had all the basic parts of the modern drum kit, expect the ride and crash cymbals and around this period people like Ben Duncan where making the drum kit popular. The first drummer to lead an orchestra was Gene Krupa and by 1962, the drum kit entered the musical world of Rock and Roll. During this time and on, different forms of drum kits were appearing, certain drummers would add on many more drums or cymbals or other percussion instruments.
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