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Act Results Version

No description

Cherry Rose

on 13 November 2013

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Transcript of Act Results Version

Content and Where it has come from.

I have been asked to create a graph for one category. This will be the singing-solo category. On this graph I will show the name and performance time. To do this I will highlight the names for the singing-solo first and then I will keep holding ctrl on my keyboard and I will highlight all the times for the singing solo’s. The best suitable graph for this situation would be a bar chart so After highlighting the needed information I will select the column option from the insert ribbon. The chart I will choose is 2-D Column ‘Clustered Column.’
The graph will need a title so I will enter a title. I will click on the graph and then I click on the layout ribbon. There I will find the Chart title options and then click on ‘Above chart’. I will name the graph ‘Singing-Solo’ so After the box for the chart title a box will appear I will rename it to ‘Singing-Solo’ To make the graph more clear, I will enter some axis titles. To do this I will do what I had to do for the chart title but instead I will click axis title then to the ‘Primary Horizontal Axis Title, and then select Title Below Axis title. This will give me a little box at the bottom of the graph. I will rename this ‘Group Name.’
I will also do this for the Primary Vertical Axis Title, On this I will select Rotated Title. This will give me a rotated box next to the minutes which I will rename ‘Minutes’.

For the graph I will also recolour the bars, there will also be a little code next to the graph now. I will do this by clicking onto each bar and using the fill colour to change it. I will also display the graph on a separate sheet from the School notice board. This will be better then leaving it on the act list, because it will be less confusing. And the act list is for the school notice board whereas the graph is specifically for the judges.


I will also need to move the graph to a new sheet, so to do this I will right click the graph and select the option ‘Move Chart’. I will select the option ‘Object in’ and then click the popup menu and choose the sheet named ‘Graph’. Then I will go onto the spread sheet and resize the graph so it fits the whole sheet. I have chosent this type of graph because it's very easy to understand.


I will add more color to the graph because it makes the graph much more better to look oat. And also becomes a bit easier to understand because there will be a color code.

Fir for Purpose

This will be useful for Arabella to organise the contest because it can help the judges undersatnd the show much more.

Preparation Time

Thanzina Amin Task 1 Implementation Candidate Number: 0021 Centre Number: 32397

Layout Continued…
I will change the colour to a rainbow colour. This will be much better to look at then plain text. I will do this by highlighting one letter and changing it to the colour I want. I will basically highlight ‘T’ of ‘The’ in the title, and choose Red from the colour box, I will then highlight the ‘H’ of ‘The’ and colour it Orange, and so on. I will carry on the Rainbow till I get to ‘Of’, for the word ‘of’ I will colour it a dark purple, I will then start the rainbow again on the word ‘Parrswood’ and finish it on the last letter. Then for the words ‘Talent Show’ I will leave them the same colour as Of. I also will need to make the title bigger, I will resize it to 24, I will do this so that it’s visible from far away. People will only need to glance at it to realise what it is. After this I will insert a image. I will first go to the school homepage and save the school logo into my M:/ drive. I will then insert it into my spread sheet. I will do this by going to the insert ribbon and then click on ‘Picture’. I will then find the picture in my files and click insert. I will then place it near the ‘Time (Minutes)’ column and rotate it a little so it blends into the spread sheet more. I will also highlight the columns in different colors so that the spread sheet is more eye-catching I don’t want to make the colors to bright or dark so that you can still read the text and they won’t hurt the eyes.
I will highlight a column and then I will choose the fill color option in the ribbon, I will then chose a color (this will follow the color scheme of the previous slide) and then I will click it.
This will colour the whole column for me.
I then will do the same with every other column.
With the last column I will make sure that I choose a different color so that the acts that are too long will still be visible.
To make the spread sheet look even more appealing I will merge and center all the text. The main reason being so that people can read the text without mistaking two different cells to be together. To do this I will highlight all the text I want to be Merged and Centered and then I will select the merge and center option in the ribbon. This will merge all of the cells together and center all the text.
I will also make the titles bold so they stand out.
The hide function helps, because it hides the data that is not need and it doesn't get rid of it, it just makes it invisble. This is useful because if Arabella needs the data later she can just unhide it.
I have made this more creative by adding lots of different colours, an image, multicoloured and bold title and I also merged and centred all the text.
Fit for Purpoose
This helps Arabella because now people can be notified by it,. and they will know who is in the show, how long they are, what their names are. This helps organise the talent show is because most of the work notifying people of it) is done.

Content and Origin
I will include the name of the contest. I have to come up with this name. I will name the contest ‘The Stars of Parrswood’. I will put this at the top of the page. I will also include a Image of the school logo. I will get this from the school website (http://www.parrswood.manchester.sch.uk/)
I will hide the Total time columns to make the school notice board version look more appealing. To do this I will first highlight column F because the data in this column is some data that I want to hide, I will only highlight column F for now because I will not be able to delete two columns at the same time. After I highlight column F I will right click the top of the column to bring up the option me
nu, then I will select the option hide. This will then hide that column. I will also do this with column G because this column also has some data I want to hide. I will also insert two rows because I want to add the memorable name at the top of the spread sheet. To do this I will right click the row number, which will be one, then I will select ‘insert’. This will then insert a row above the previous row number one. But this will only insert one row, I want to insert two so that there is more space to put my title in. So I will repeat what I did to get the first one, to get a second one. Since the two rows will effect where the title goes, and how it is spaced I will merge them together. I want to merge rows one and two. To do this I will highlight the rows (1 and 2) and then I will find the button, which will be in the Home tab of the ribbon, that says ‘ Merge & Center’ then I will select the ‘Merge & Center’ option. This will then merge the two rows together, I will then enter the title in this now merged cell. The name will be ‘The Stars of Parrswood Talent Show’ because the title doesn’t look very appealing when left like the rest of the text I will change it. I will change the colours.

Lookup with names and Sort

I will need to display the name of each act automatically corresponding to their store. to do this I will Highlight the total score column and then I will click on Sort Largest to Smallest. This will save Arabella some time when she announces the winner so she will not need to search the whole spread sheet for the winning act.
For the second copy of the file I also will have to display the names automatically corresponding to their total score. To do this I will use the lookup formula. This is where I have to wrote in a cell =lookup and then the cells I want to look up.
With the formula I need to lookup the names from the first worksheet – ‘Act List’.
In cell G2 I will start off the formula by writing ‘=LOOKUP(A2,) I will write this because that will look for the corresponding act number in the act list worksheet. I will then click on the Act List worksheet. This is the sheet I want to get the names from. Then I will highlight cells A2-A23, then put a comma then highlight cells B2-B23 because these are the act names, I will need then I need to close the brackets as this is the end of the sum. I also need to be adding absolute cell references, this will keep the cell range the same instead of letting the lookup go anywhere in the cell row. This is what my formula should look like after I enter the absolute cell references: ‘=LOOKUP(A2,'Act List'!$A$2:A23,'Act List'!$B$2:B23)’ I then need to click enter, One step should appear first as the 14th act and winning act I will then use fill handle again, it will save me much more time because the fill handle will repeat the sum for every cell I highlight.

Once everything is sorted and looked up, the spread sheet should like the previous slide. All rows should have a act number, total score and a act name. The spread sheet will also be much more organised and neater once I've entered the formula and used the fill handle.

Fit for purpose

I'm going to do this so that each act automatically shows up nest to their total scores this will help Arabella when she's organising the School Talent Show and is announcing the places that each act got because she will be able to see it clearly, and be able to read out the act number and name with their total score. The formulae will save her plenty of time ,which she can use on other important jobs, because the formulae work out everything for her and its also more reliable because ita done automatically and not by hand. Because if done by hand any mistake can be easily be made, whereas with computers it's much more easier and less time consuming. The sort from winner to loser makes it much easier for Arabella to organise and announce, because she now knows for definite she cannot make a mistake because it was done by hand, and it saves time.

Thanzina Amin Task 1 Implementation Candidate Number: 0021 Centre Number: 32397

Draw out Stage 19 – 20 Lookup and sort


FUNCTIONALITY - Explain how you will display the name of each act automatically and how the formulae will work (put the actual formula in your annotations).
Explain how you will sort the acts into total score order

CONTENT – explain what it will look like when the formula works and when it has been sorted

FIT FOR PURPOSE – explain how this will be fit for purpose e.g. how it will help Arabelle to organise the scores for the School Talent Show. Explain how the formulae will save her time etc. and how the sort will make it easier for her

Name Design Plan Task 1 Candidate number and 32397

Stage 19 and 20 – lookup and sort
Must display name of each act automatically using second copy of file
Must sort acts into total score order (with winner at top)

Name Design Plan Task 1 Candidate number and 32397

Show both spread sheets in formula view and explain each formula

Show Formulas

9-10 planning
Developed a creative planned design, appropriate to the needs of the user and fit for purpose, showing how the problem is to be solved
7-8 Planning
Developed a good planned design, with consideration of the needs of the user and mostly fit for purpose, showing how the problem is to be solved
5-6 Planning
Developed a reasonable design, showing how the problem is to be solved

Mark Scheme 1
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