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Colin Dalton

on 22 January 2015

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Transcript of Bio-diesel

The statistics
According to the graph, the amount of bio-diesel production has rapidly increased in the U.S.
Is it renewable?
-Yes, biodiesel is renewable because it is made form plants and other oils like, canola oil.
-It is made out of many different types of plants and crops.
Biodiesel is being used by car companies like; VW, BMW, Dodge, Chevorlet, Audi, Toyota, and a few others. Biodiesel makes cars cheaper and more fuel efficent.
Bio-Diesel: The benefits, The negatives and the background story.
Bio-diesel and where its used:
Bio-diesel is used in "green" cars and other new technologies that help to make pollution a lesser risk of global warming and other problems to the Earth and it's atmosphere.
Along with fighting global warming and pollution, bio-diesel is more efficient and cheaper. But, for the time being it is cheaper but, if more and more car manufactures and transportation directors increase the amount of bio-diesel consuming vehicles will then cause the price to increase.
Biodiesel is not reusable in a sence that it is burneed to creat motion for the car or vehicle. But can used continously as the gas tank still has fuel.
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