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The locness monster

No description

Stephanie Weiss

on 12 May 2017

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Transcript of The locness monster

Where are they mostly?
The loch ness monster Is mostly spotted in Scotlan d
Different Viewpoints/explanations
One explanation for the loch ness monster is lake sturgeons.Many nessie witnesses have mentioned large crocodile-like scotes (hardened plates) sitting atop the animal spine.Another reason are mountain reflections on (choppy days) lakes regularly distort the reflection of various objects
The loch ness monster is an unsolved mystery because no one has gotten any actual footage or a photograph of it. The only real footage that they have gotten was faked. It was said to be located in Scotland.
What it looks like ?

The lochness monster

My opinion on the loch ness monster is that all the rumors, theories, and stories are all fake. Most pictures are photo shopped the rest are just staged.

By :Jeovanni , Fernando ,Emanuel, Jermaine Abdul
The loch ness monster looks like a dinosuar like creature with a long neck.
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