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How many hot dogs are eaten at major league baseball games during a season?

24 mill

Chris Bovino

on 17 September 2012

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Transcript of How many hot dogs are eaten at major league baseball games during a season?

How many hot dogs are eaten at MLB games during a season? Wiki Answers say 24,300,000 are sold every year at MLB Games How many hot dogs sold at an average ball park every year Created By:
Chris Bovino
Pat Coan
Nick Galli
Justin Claspell AMDM Project for Mrs. Sullivan National Hot Dog and Sausage Council predicts that 20.5 million hot dogs sold and that the Red Sox and Phillies will both sell around 1.5 million , they predicted 22.5 million in 2011 Cha Cha says an average of 862,702 sold at each ballpark this season which is about 10,651 per game How We Came Up With our Answer: We took the projection of 10,651 hot dogs sold per game and multiplied that by 30 major league ballparks. 10,651x30=319,530 Then we took 319,530 and multiplied that by 81 because every team has 81 home regular season games 319,530x81= 25,881,930 hot dogs sold in one season at all MLB ballparks. After research, we found the average number of hot dogs sold at ballparks are between 24 and 25.5 million. End Our Work On Paper:
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